www.google.co.in does not give international search results

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www.google.co.in does not give international search results

I am planning to discontinue using Google for web-searches and start
using Microsoft since Google search results only in Indian references,
most of them irrelevant - whereas I am interested in international
For example, if I search for the word which means "rule of a dynastic
ruler inheriting power", hoping to find the word "monarchy", I don't
get it at all. The first 10 references would be to the word maharaja,
or news from several Indian papers and such other rubbish. Even if I
ask for a word meaning "condition of split personality" which has
nothing to do with India,the word schizophrenia does not come up at all
in the first 10 references.
But there would be several irrelevant references to Indian

Has google started www.google.co.in to provide rubbish to Indian
Is there a way to get access to the international google search engine?
I tried www.google.com but the response I got was www.google.co.in
In short, the service google gives to Indian customers would make them
frogs living in their own little ponds. So I have decided to quit.

P. Jayant
Pune, India.

Re: www.google.co.in does not give international search results


Multiply the exasperation by 50 and you'll understand the hopelessness I
sense when I perform a search on a general subject and am presented with a
bunch of unrelated results from India too.


Spare a dime for some bird seed sir?

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