Would you call this Keyword stuffing?

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Look at the bottom of this gents site ........is this keywordstuffing?
Does Google care to do anything if it is against thier rules?

http://hypnotisthankstone.com /

this is what is written.......

Vancouver Corporate Hypnotist. Comedy Hypnotist BC. Hypnotist British
Columbia. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Vancouver

.High school hypnotist BC / British Columbia. Hypnotist BC High
schools. Hank Stone comedy Hypnotist is one of Canada's best
hypnotists for  corporate meetings, conventions, private parties,
company Christmas parties, conferences, theaters, comedy night clubs,
universities, colleges, high schools, festivals, fairs, fundraisers
and casinos. Hank tone is a comedy stage hypnotist performing in the
Vancouver BC area. He also performs in Canada as well as Las Vegas.
Comedy Hypnotist and Professional Corporate Entertainer Hank Stone.
This hypnosis show comedian presents hilarious entertainment suitable
for all corporate events. A stage hypnosis show customized to your
needs. For audience participation entertainment ideas, if  you are an
event planner, agent, agency, agencies, speakers bureau looking for a
comedian hypnotist or because you want the best in Hypnotic
entertainment. As well as being a High School Hypnotist .hank Stone is
one of Canada's top Corporate Comedy entertainers he is a Comedy Stage
Hypnotist and ideal as a Corporate Hypnotist for Corporate events.
Corporate Stage Hypnotist Hank Stone has preformed as a Comedy
Corporate Hypnotist in Vancouver BC  as a British Columbia Hypnotist,
Hypnotist Vancouver. Also as an Comedy Hypnotist Vancouver British
Columbia ,Comedy Stage Hypnotist BC. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Hank Stone
is a Canada Hypnotist. Canada Hypnotist Hank Stones, he offers a clean
non offensive show for all venues. Hank has also worked as a High
school Hypnotist, High School Hypnotist Hank Stone offers High School,
Hypnotist, Hypnosis shows as well as Motivational Presentations for
High Schools. Hank Stone High School Hypnotist offers Motivational
Presentations for Stop Smoking for High School students. High School
Hypnotist Hank Stone offers comedy stage shows for Vancouver high
schools as well as high schools in BC and British Columbia.
He has also preformed in Colleges around BC/ British Columbia Canada.
Colleges in BC have found him to be a huge success. Resorts in BC/
British Columbia have had Comedy Stage Hypnotist Hank Stone perform at
their Resorts and Parks in BC / British Columbia. Hank  Has preformed
his Corporate Comedy Hypnosis , Hypnotist Show at Resorts in BC /
British Columbia. Hypnotist Hank Stone  is a certified Hypnotist.
Hypnotist for Corporate events. Hypnotist Corporate events, Hypnotist
Comedy Stage Hypnotist. Hypnosis shows is where I am at my best.
Hypnosis Comedy Stage Hypnosis. Comedy stage Hypnotist Hank Srone
Hypnosis and hypnotist. Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Hypnosis.

Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist BC, British Columbia,Corporate Comedy
Stage Hypnotist Alberta,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Saskatchewan,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist Manitoba,Corporate
Comedy Stage Hypnotist Ontario,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Quebec,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist Newfoundland,Corporate Comedy
Stage Hypnotist Prince Edward Island,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Labrador,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist Nova Scotia,Corporate Comedy
Stage Hypnotist New Brunswick,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Northwest Territories,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Nunavut,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist Yukon,Corporate Comedy Stage
Hypnotist Greenland,Corporate , Comedy Stage Hypnotist Iceland,Comedy
Stage Hypnotist Vancouver,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Victoria,Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist Edmonton,Corporate Comedy
Stage Hypnotist Calgary

Comedy High School Hypnotist, Hypnotist High School, Comedy Hypnotist
High School BC / British Columbia.
Clean Comedy Hypnotist. Clean Corporate Hypnotist. Clean High School
Hypnotist. Clean Comedian. Clean Comic for Corporate events.
Let Corporate Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Comedian Robert Maxwell be
your choice for the perfect Hypnotist at your private party, corporate
event. Hank Stone the world's foremost clean audience participation
entertainer and master hypnotist comedian. Stage Hypnotist - The Hank

Comedy Hypnosis Show - A stage hypnosis show customized to your needs.
College Hypnosis shows, Corporate Events. Hypnotist, Hypnotist
Suggest Toronto Stage Hypnotist Hypnotism Toronto Motivational Speaker
Bureaus Agencies Hypnotize Hypnotized Funny Joke Hypnotic Comedian
Hypnotists Great entertainment for a corporate meeting, convention,
company Christmas party, conference, theatre, comedy night club,
college party, university, fair, casino. for audience participation
entertainment ideas, you are an agent event planner, speakers bureau,
agency looking for a comedian hypnotist or just need a hug.

Re: Would you call this Keyword stuffing?

jaydeehypnotist@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes. But stuffing works. So keep up the good work in that regard.
But you do need to get rid of the framesets.

Re: Would you call this Keyword stuffing?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Stuffing has not worked well since 1999, and if someone reports the site, it
could get a severe penalty. Matt Cutts showed examples similar to yours, and
they'd all been dropped from the index.

But those sites are pretty pathetic, and probably do themselves more harm
than good, so Google does not put too much effort into chasing them.

It's long been accpeted that pages are best optimised for just a few terms;
over-SEO'ing is a quick ride to sick site syndrome.

I haven't checked, but I'd be surprised if that page did well for any
relevant terms.

"She plays the tuba.
It is the only instrument capable
of imitating a distress call."

Re: Would you call this Keyword stuffing?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That page DOES well in search terms. Stuffing works!
Search term                      ranking on Google.ca
stage hypnosis ontario              8
stage hypnosis manitoba           3
stage hypnosis alberta              1
stage hypnosis british columbia 2

These are common search terms. The faster google shuts these poeple
down the less people will do it.

Re: Would you call this Keyword stuffing?

jaydeehypnotist@gmail.com wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Those are not, however, *competitive* search terms.
IOW, there are not a lot of sites that are search-engine-
optimized for those search terms.  Learn how to do a good
SEO job (or hire someone who can) and you will have little
trouble ranking above a site that still thinks that keyword
stuffing is a good way to get a higher ranking.

Guy Macon

Re: Would you call this Keyword stuffing?

jaydeehypnotist@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

........sure looks like it to me. But there is a fine line.
On several sites I've done what is now accepted practice for
all academic papers: I include a line that says:

keywords:  this, that, that too, the other, etc, some more

And that works, because keywords in that string (that are not
included in the text of the page) map to that page on Google.

Pluralised words bring up different result lists.

fish boat and fishing boats do not bring the same results.
But if you put the plural in your "keywords" string, you get both
lists melded together.

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