Would this be considered duplicate copy

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Hello, I know it probably is but...
I'm a carpet cleaner and service multiple cities. Keywords list all
cities. Would the engines tax you if for instance I have a subdomain
the same as the main page but optimized for the diferent cities?. I
ask because the #1 position does this. For instance, searching for
"carpet cleaning city1" takes you to the main page. "carpet cleaning
city2 takes you to another identical web page but all the links from
this page take you to the main page.

Here are 2 examples of how the subdomains are constructed

Do you have to use .asp to do this or is just creating subfolders from
the root directory and using html ok?.

I asked a similar question last week but it doesn't look like new
threads come up. If they do I apologize.

Albert Lazo

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