World Vital Records + Webliography

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World Vital Records  + Webliography

Ancestor Roots Information: OneSource
Genealogy and Family History Searchable
Databases, has been updated to include
comprehensive national/area records data.

Country civil registration and vital statistics
development, guidelines, demographic methods,
are provided by authority of the United Nations.

Documents availability may include country
resources, fees and locations related to:
passports, travel, citizenship, birth, death,
marriage certificates, divorce, child custody,
adoption, name changes, military service,
police records, court, visa and residency;
provided by the U. S. Department of State.

Every sub regional area in the world and
related nations or island areas have added
links to culture, local studies, Internet links,
guidance and other family research resources;
proved by trusted and official Internet authorities.

All immediate first country link sites present
each regional genealogy country connection;
Universities: Education has scholarly sources.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Tinney, Sr.
Who's Who in America,
Millennium Edition [54th]
through 2004
Who's Who In Genealogy
and Heraldry, [both editions]
Family Genealogy & History
Internet Education Directory /

Archives and Knowledge Management:
Scholarly Online Resource Evidence
and Records for use by Genealogists
and Family Historians
. . .
Archive Sources & Library References
. . .
* GeoCities: Yahoo!=AE GeoCities Japan
- GEOCITI.ES: Neighborhoods
- Internet Archive: GeoCities
Special Collection 2009
- Reocities Archive: Reocities
A review of these link sites shows:
(1) Yahoo! GeoCities is a web hosting
service, now available in Japan only. /
(2) Four additional sites are attempting
current restoration of the GeoCities data,
including current partial indexes of links. /

Sites are selected on worldwide scope,
or total inclusiveness for education.
Example under: Timelines, Date
Conversions, and Period Resources
. . .
Victorian Era
Victorian Literature and Culture
. . .
April 2010 College & Research Libraries
News vol. 71 no. 4 197-200
. . .
"A great number of Web sites exist
that provide a window to the 19th
century. The sites in this list were
selected based on their scholarly
value and their unrestricted access.
For the most part, this list does not
include subscription databases, society
Web sites, blogs, or discussion lists.
Additionally, the sites selected below
focus on Victorian Britain. Although a
few of the sites have been created by
individuals, most are affiliated with
institutions of higher learning. These
sites range from bibliographies to online
archives of digitized primary material.
Additionally, the site categories listed
below are not intended to be inclusive,
but are useful for categorizing the most
useful sites located in this general survey."

Though not obvious to all, the educational
aspects are selected for K-12-Adult learning
of genealogy and family history worldwide.
Example under:
Accelerated Teacher Resources Lesson
Plans, Teacher Helps & Homework
. . .
* Reach Every Child
Complete lesson plans and teaching
kits to primary source materials
for student research. (Sample search)
Research immigration and family histories
"This is a great topic to create integrated
lessons for students at all levels and
abilities. Immigration data creates
interesting math questions, the literature
makes for great discussions, settlement
patterns and places of demarcation enhance
geography skills, the legal issues enlighten
civics lessons, and social studies is an
overlying element in all cases.

Gobs of resources for teaching immigration
exist, so this list includes the largest,
most diverse and easiest to use."

The Family Genealogy & History
Internet Education Directory:
Scholarly mega site map of world
wide Internet resources.
Copyright 1997-2010
Professional, worldwide humanities
and social sciences mega portal,
connected directly to numerously
related sub-sets, with billions
of primary or secondary database
family history and genealogy records.

Timeless articles are provided, such as: =
* Database Nation - Reason Magazine
The Upside of "zero privacy".
. . .
"Welcome to the database nation,
where the tiny chunk of data that
represents your physical address
can pull up an overhead view and
driving directions to your front
door. And that's not all. When
your address is linked to databases
like those used by Yahoo! People
Search, your phone number may be
readily accessible. Your county
government's Web site probably
displays your home's floor plan
and assessed value, letting nosy
neighbors chuckle over Alice's
quaint split-level or Bob's lack
of elbow room when the in-laws
visit. Pay-as-you-go databases
like Lexis-Nexis' P-TRAK, P-FIND,
and P-SEEK tie together mortgage
records, vehicle registrations,
court judgments, bankruptcy histories,
and any other public information
they can gather. Google and Yahoo!
can record every search you've ever
made and link it to whatever computer
you used at the time. Credit card
companies know what you buy, frequent
shopper programs know what you eat,
and your insurance company knows what
medical procedures you've undergone."

Life in These Exponential Times,
posted 07/17/10, by Dick Eastman,
contradicts negative judgments. =
"One big difference in our lives
is the rate at which changes are
coming at us and how positively
explosive it is."

Governments, national and local, are
being caught up in globalization; it
is important for record researchers.

* Globalization Links  | The
Global Transformations Website
"The changing nature both of
politics and of the web means
that these pages, which attempt
to offer a gateway to most
significant resources relevant
to the study of globalization,
are in a state of permanent evolution."

What this means for future genealogists
and family historians, is that key and
critical data base resources will become
attached within a top-down hierarchy, in
expanding Internet genealogy resources;
a reverse of the common local area web
search, and current online library web

Many of the quality resources listed
within the Family Genealogy and History
Internet Education Directory, come from
data mining of global sub sites, such as
the International Studies Association
Directory of Internet Resources. /

Association of Religion Data Archives NEW
"The Association of Religion Data Archives
ARDA) strives to democratize access to the
best data on religion. Data included in
the ARDA are submitted by the foremost
religion scholars and research centers in
the world. The ARDA allows anyone to
interactively explore the data using online
features for generating national profiles,
GIS maps, church membership overviews,
denominational heritage trees, tables,
charts, and other reports. Over 500
surveys and other data collections are
available for online preview and virtually
all can be downloaded free of charge.
Currently housed in the Social Science
Research Institute at the Pennsylvania
State University, the ARDA is funded by
the Lilly Endowment, the John Templeton
Foundation and the Pennsylvania State

This is a one line entry at: :
. . .
* Institutions, Historical Resources
  and Records: Place of Worship
  UNESCO Archives Portal:
  Religious Communities
- Andover-Harvard Library
  Biographical and genealogical information.
- Baptism
- ASCH Related Links
- Association of Religion Data Archives *****
- ATLA - CDRI Digital Resources
  for the Study of Religion
- Archive Index
- CCEd: Clergy of the Church of England
  Database 1540 - 1835
- Church Records Project ~
  USGenWeb Archives Project
- Cyndi's List - Religion & Churches
- Family History Library: Subject Search Results
  (Subject like 'church')
- Hall of Church History
- International Association
  for the History of Religions
- IAHR Member Associations
- Parish Register: Parish Research Links
- Selected Other Archives with Material of Interest
- WCC Library and Archives
  - Useful Links - Archives on Ecumenism
  - Useful Links - Ecumenical Libraries
- Writing Congregational Histories
  Introduction, getting started, doing research,
  publication, preservation and conclusion.

Understanding the "family" relationships of
religious denominations can be most helpful
in doing primary research for family members.

"Profiles of over 400 past and present
American denominations provide a wealth
of information including a basic description,
data on membership and geographic
distribution, links to additional resources,
and more.  Denominations are listed
by family."  SAMPLE: Baptist Family

The Family Genealogy and History Internet
Education Directory is exclusively crafted
for the future exponential increase of data,
using descending, top down node resources,
& also inclusive of basic area research links.

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