Wordtracker variance

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I've been using Wordtracker to design and remodel sites for clients. In
January I did the WT research for my own sculpture site but didn't make the
site itself. Now I have a deadline for the site so I decided to check a few
of the search terms to be sure they were still high on the list.

To my dismay, the search terms that ranked highest (KEI) in January weren't
even accepted as search terms today - "fewer than 3 searches in the last 2
months." Of course the January search covered holiday sales, but I'm not
talking about Christmas ornaments etc. - much more general search terms.

Unfortunately, I had cleared out my website project to make space for client
projects. So to do a new research for my site will mean typing all the terms
in again, unless there's a way to import them from excel. But my main
concern is the variability. I've been convincing clients that WT research
really works. Now I'm wondering if it does.

Has anyone else rechecked old WT research? What have you found? Any
suggestions? TIA
Catherine Jo Morgan
Iron & mixed media vessel sculptures
online artist journal: http://radio.weblogs.com/0120691 /

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