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I have asked this question with no answer on several boards, so I will
put it here to see if I can get an answer.

I have been using the Free Trial version of wordtracker to increase my
chances of getting on the first page of google.  So the question is
pertaining to KEI, Count, 24Hrs, Compete.  I know KEI should be above
100, Count should be High, 24hrs should be high, and Compete should be
low.  But, what are the averages that would tell me if it would be
worthwhile to build a site around.

In other words Count at least above 35?  KEI at least 100?,   I dont
want to waste my time building a site that is not going to do well, or
have a chance..  I want to put the odds in my favor as best as

I have one set which I thought was real good and the results were KEI
441, Count 21, 24hrs 2, Compete 0.

my other set was KEI 2025, count 45, 24hrs 5, Compete 1.

Thanks in advance.

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Wouldn't you be better off asking this in an Adsense forum where they
may actually care about something like this?


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Actually not bill because getting on the front page of google has
nothing to do with Adsense.!
Big Bill wrote:
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Using a program like that to make a decision on a site if IMNSHO flawed.
The success of a site doesn't depend on domain name, or what the keywords
are. It depends on *you* (or the people you hire) and the content that
comes on it.

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Re: Wordtracker Question

The kei rating is junk in my opinion and is greatly flawed.
The count is one that can be ignored.
I would take notice on the number for 24 hours
Also, I would take notice to the competition one, but doing research on
the keyword using intitle, inurl, etc. would prove to be more valuable.

This does bring up a question with me though that I would like
everyone's opinion on. Does a site that has Google adsense ads rank
lower than a site without them? Do you think that Google puts a lesser
value on a site that displays adsense ads? (thinking lower quality
sites) Or maybe even higher value (just because Google can make money
off of it)

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