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Can anyone tell me what your thoughts are as far as getting a better page
ranking with my existing web site?  I am working on the inbound links, but
what do you think of my overall pages that I have created?  I just need some
feedback on how I can improve what I have already.  I have had customers say
that they like how easy it is to navigate around on each page and then I had
one person looking at my sight to tell me that it needs to be more up to
date or modern I think the word he used was Vogue.

Also at the bottom of each web page I have the same information and I am
wondering if Google will penalize me for that?  The information I am
referring to starts with "Gift Ideas".

Any constructive tips will be received with open arms and I will not take it

My website is www.woodenpleasures.us


Re: Wooden Pleasures Constructive Advice and Page Rank

Hi Rob,

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If he wanted flash or something else for that Vogue look then I would stay
away from it. Personally, it takes longer to load and some people do not
have certain things loaded on their computers to make them work. And you
don't want to have a perosn download programs just to have your page viewed.

Well, you are getting incoming links that is good. Make sure that the link
text of your in coming links say "Adirondack Chair", "Beach Chair", "Lawn
Furniture", "Garden Furniture", etc. This is called anchor text and is
greatly used in Google for ranking purposes.

Your web page has a lot of "noise" as some people call it. The main thing is
the MS theming which can be jibberish to bots and people that use non MS
browsers. You can make your page without the theming.

You only need one <title> </title>, but you have 2.
<title>Wooden Pleasures Sells Outdoor Wooden Patio Furniture</title>
<title>Outdoor Adirondack Beach Chair Furniture</title>

Each page can have seperate titles and descriptions. Which you should do, as
this makes the page better for your targeted phrases or words. Make the link
text to each page match your title closely or have it the same. Have the
file names also match closely or the same : example
http://www.woodenpleasures.us/adirondackchairs.htm would be better if it was
http://www.woodenpleasures.us/adirondack-chairs.htm . And the title of the
page "Adirondack Chairs", with the link text the same as the title. Make a
small description like "A selection of adirondack chairs. Wooden patio
furniture making backyard BBQ's relaxing. " Something of that sort.

Get rid of all the meta tags except these:
<meta name="keywords" content="adirondack chair" etc.
<meta name="GOOGLEBOT" content="NOARCHIVE">

And add-  <meta name="description" content= --------Although some SE's may
not use this, I like to use it just in case and it is in the snippets
sometimes, so it is helpful to the visitor surfing to get to your site.

Your headings <h1> etc are over lapping the images. And you need some alt
text to your images. Just put the name of the chair/furniture with a link to
the page for that furniture. Hence, more text to be able to get your page

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I don't think you will get penalized, as each page does have a little
different stuff. But, it does seem to be redundant to the visitor. I would
make seperate informational pages for each and have it linked to that page
with link text. This is just for cosmetic purposes, and of course the pages
can have different titles and file names than you already have. More chances
of getting indexed. :-) Plus, better for the visitor.

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I HTH. I am sure some others will give more advice. This is just a little
bit that I can see and I am busy with work right now.


Stacey's Simple Stuff
Rag Rugs - Home Decor Accessories- Crocheted Crafts

Re: Wooden Pleasures Constructive Advice and Page Rank

Thank you Stacey for your input.  I welcome others to comment on my site as
well.  I do have another question for the group: When having sites link back
to my site should I do it for each relevant page or should I just try to get
other websites to link back to my homepage?  For example, should I have the
other sites link back to my Teak Furniture Page using only other sites that
sell Teak Furniture, or would I just have all sites regardless of what they
sell link back to my homepage?

What are your thoughts?


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Re: Wooden Pleasures Constructive Advice and Page Rank

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You are welcome Rob.

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You can get links from who ever you feel will that your visitors will
benefit from. This means yes, other Teak furniture sites, home and garden
sites, decor sites, etc. And have links to your other pages as well not
necessarily your main page. But, having a number of links to your main page
because of course that works your whole domain.

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Also, there are a few more things about the setup of pages with your
keywords and such. This is placement and density. But, if you do the little
bit of things I gave you it should help you a bit.

Remember it takes some work getting to the top, and some things that you do
can take more than a month or 2 to start showing results.


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