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whats the beef with wiki sandboxes, the web masters seem to take great
offence at someone actually making use of what is essentially intended to be
a scratch pad for writing junk. it does no harm to anyone?

Re: Wiki

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There are quite a few "holier than though" types out and about right now.

Wiki sure did work nice for that last competition eh?


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Re: Wiki

mark | r wrote:

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Wondering myself sometimes. I had some discussion in my blog's forum:

Re: Wiki

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damned thats a good read... i have to day that i am of the opinion that if
you provide an open fourm, then you should expect it to be exploited, like
guestbooks, they get crap written in them all of the time, and message
boards ALWAYS need a moderator, the same applies to WIKI, it seems that
because people provide this service under the impression that only nice
people will use it - theyre in cloud cucoo land.

its not even like people were openly editing the main contents of the wiki,
just some crappy scratchpad that mostly contain "this is a bullet pointed
list, this is a table of information, this is a link". i think no harm done
as sand boxes dont relate to the main wiki content.

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