Why will this site not rank well?

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I have been trying to get this site on <a
href="http://www.endowment-claims-uk.co.uk ">endowment claims</a> to get
a good listing on Google without any success.

Is there any obvious reason why this is happening?



Re: Why will this site not rank well?

delboyz wrote:

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The only mentions listed by Google are spam from you in discussion
forums. I don't think Google can detect these as spam and I don't know
what kind of authority Google's algo places on discussion forums, but I
can't imagine it's all that high. Your hit-and-run spam comments
certainly aren't winning you any points among the regulars in those
forums and they're not going to bother linking to your website.

You don't mention what your important keywords are, but "endowment
claims" is a very high CPC phrase. You're competing against a few tens
of thousands of other web pages on the same topic.

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Re: Why will this site not rank well?

__/ [Fritz M] on Sunday 18 December 2005 05:46 \__

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Google  is  listing no links, but Yahoo lists 15. From what I can  gather,
Yahoo often counts links an order of magnitude higher.

You    site    is    definitely   in   Google's    index    (search    for
'site:http://www.endowment-claims-uk.co.uk /').  Getting good ranks is  an-
other  matter.  I  often think of site rank as a matter which  involves  a
great  deal of inertia -- a popularity momentum. How will a site ever  get
links  without visitors to be aware of its existence? My Web pages  (going
back  to 2002) used to be merely invisible. When I moved to a separate do-
main  in  August 2004 and had my projects listed in MATLAB central  (often
PageRank  6) for contributions I made. The pages began to be perceived  as
ones  that are worth crawling. The ranks improved over time. I know a  few
people  who can tell a similar story. It is total strangers who bookmarked
pages and recommended them in various forums that did the SEO.

best wises,


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