Why This site was dropped ?

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I administer / promote several web sites - This site
was dropped by Google several months ago -
It still shows a PR but is not in basically any search result - (It is still
ok on other search engines).  Any idea why it disappeared from Google search

Re: Why This site was dropped ?

Paolo Nascimbeni wrote:
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it shows up if I search for LifeinItaly.it, in fact you rank number 1
for this keyword, well done!

Seriously I'm beginning to see a pattern with these sucky, badly
marked-up table driven sites.

Although on-page factors may not be that important I would fix your
Heading levels... you know H1...H6 and get rid of the table driven
layout. Move all the formatting into an external style sheet (css file).

Your title is probably too verbose. Try to target just your main
keywords on your home page.

Some of the markup looks spammy, like those Alt tags.

Okay none of this explains why you think you were dropped but I suspect
your competitors are just better.

I'm sure the rest of the group will add some good thoughts. I haven't
analyses off-page factors as I'm busy. What are you main target keywords?

Re: Why This site was dropped ?

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:27:40 -0500, "Paolo Nascimbeni"

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It's funny how your 'com' site ( I presume it's yours) manages a top
position for 'italian real estate' and your 'it' site doesn't show in
the first 8 pages of results.

Re: Why This site was dropped ?

 Thanks and yes Lifeinitaly.com is mine as well - i had to add the real
estate pages and loan pages to the .com site since the .it was dropped from
Google and the owner of the lifeinitaly.it needed some traffic.... ( the .it
site went from 100 visitors a day to none ... all of a sudden several months


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Re: Why This site was dropped ?

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:27:40 -0500, "Paolo Nascimbeni"

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Your other site comes in #1 spot.
your other site, agains, comes in - at #4 or #5 spot

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You may have inadvertently tripped a duplicate filter and having the
.com site being the one showing up for the results you want the .it to
show up for instead?

Did you change to using .asp around the time you noticed it being
'dropped' from Google?

The alt="" used for the menu square images do not "fit" what the image
is - a decorative image. Decorative images, like those, or spacers
[clear images] get an alt="" [nothing in the quotes] versus you trying
to say 4 or 5+ of those identical images are really conveying "italian
real estate" or "italian properties" thoughts to folks visually.

Could actually use list markup [<ul><li>] for the menu, then in CSS
have the list-style being square and get the same visual appearance
with less markup [image and table row/cell wise].

Try to correct what you can in the HTML - could be the spider is just
getting hung up or caught on a bad bit of markup or something shared:
et al


Re: Why This site was dropped ?

CW , thanks.
 Thanks I will look into  bad HTML and  the duplicate filter  since the drop
from Google was sudden -
I will check the HTML again since the double pages were added on the .com
after the .it was dropped

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