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I'm trying to find actual reviews of a few specific DVD players,
without getting buried as usual in standard shopping pages. So, for
example, for the Alba DVD165 model, I entered this google search
alba dvd165 +review -compare -"add a review"

The very first hit looked like this:

ALBA - DVD165 - Multi Region Slimline DVD Player - Silver 36.99 ...
... ALBA - DVD165 - Multi Region Slimline DVD Player - Silver uk.
04/Dec/2004:19:51: 25 Google.co ... T-105 06/Dec/2004:09:27:11
Google.co.uk | review Philips - DTR500 06 ...
alba%20plc.ghz-laptops.co.uk/Operation/ItemLookup/ItemId/B00069IPI4/ -
20k - Supplemental Result -
Cached - Similar pages

Yet that page doesn't even contain the main word, 'Alba'. Why would
that be please?

BTW, that search gave me no fewer than 3,440 'hits'. So I'm still
seeking a search syntax that will give me what I want! Adding [-"add a
review"] obviously wasn't enough to filter out the regular shop pages.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

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