Why is this site in the results?

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When doing a search for "google dance" (without quotes), there is a result
returned at #6 for a site that sells FM transmitters. In going to that page,
I find no reason why this should be indexed here. Any idea why this totally
irrelevant site would show up here? Viewing the source for the page provides
(me with) no clues.

My search was:



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Re: Why is this site in the results?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Take a look...

There is a page within that site that has google dance in its title and in
its content...

The page itself is coming up, but its the sub page thats being flagged as a
result of the search

Re: Why is this site in the results?

Check the cache-


You will see this-

The Google Dance Tool is no longer hosted at this address.

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