Why is Googlebot hammering on my little page with manuals

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I have a little page


It is simply a collection of manuals that I found useful. Some are
hard to find, so I indexed them exposed them to google in hopes that
people could find them.

Since that time, Goglebot incessantly hammers my manuals website,
requesting some manuals dozens of times. Here's the output of my stats
command. Stats begin from Aug 19 (yesterday)

$ grep Googlebot /var/log/httpd/access_log |grep pdf |awk '{print $7}'|sort |uniq -c
| sort -n

The tail of this output is this:

      1 /manuals/hardfacing.pdf
      1 /manuals/philips-dvp-632-02-rus.pdf
      1 /misc/ebay/Alumina-Ceramic/alumina.pdf
      1 /misc/ebay/An/Siemens-25-HP-240v-VFD/SED2-Installation-Instructions.pdf
      3 /manuals/2005B_Magnetics_Ferrite_Catalog_uncut.pdf
     13 /manuals/Bridgeport/bridgeport-ops-maintenance-manual.pdf
     13 /manuals/Comfile/cubloc_manual.pdf
     13 /manuals/Harris/AM-7223-Depot-Service-Manual.pdf
     13 /manuals/Harris/AM-7223-Operators-Manual.pdf
     13 /manuals/NICHOLS-Mill.pdf
     23 /manuals/OtherGenerators/025623.pdf
     24 /manuals/PRC2000/PRC2000_2M_PL.pdf
     25 /manuals/Mitsubishi-Freqrol-FR-A024-Manual.pdf
     26 /manuals/Hypertherm-Max100-User-Manual.pdf
     26 /manuals/Powermatic-1150-Manual-Yr1966.pdf
     26 /manuals/TEK-1502-OM-SM.pdf
     26 /manuals/Tektronix_2445_service_28_Mo_Jan83.pdf
     39 /manuals/Fluke-8050A.pdf

My question is WTF, why can't it retrieve the goddamn PDFs just once?


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