Why does this referrer show up?

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Ok...I'm new at this.I have a stat counter service.I see a msn search
referrer, my site is not listed on any engine...however my site is
deep-linked to a site that appears on the MSN search results page. Is
the referrer given to where it originates?

another question...how long should one wait before re-submitting a url
to a search engine for entry? Thanks for any help to the questions.

Re: Why does this referrer show up?

On 19 Feb 2004 17:42:44 -0800, vit@mailinator.com (Vit) wrote:

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It may be legit, but I've seen odd things in the referrer field of the
logs before. Sometimes it looks like a bug in the browser or something
prevents the referrer from being updated, so everything fetched after
the glitch hits get the same referrer reported. Sometimes it's
obviously (or even openly) being faked by some paranoia-feeding
anonymizing proxy.

Ya know... I've thought for some time that too many people in this
country are suffering from paranoia in regards to the internet vis a
vis privacy, but since my wife rented Michael Moore's "Bowling for
Columbine" I've been noticing it everywhere. Most lately I was struck
by the last paragraph of this article on pasta...

When I have kids old enough, I'm taking them trick-or-treating to as
many houses as we can stay awake for. It's time to take back the night
from our own baseless fears.

But I digress.

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