Why does the number of search matching results change everyday?

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I just noticed that the NUMBER of results that google shows from its
index for a single website change on a daily basic. Such as:

See that it says "1 -10 of about 20,600 from www.kremp.com" That
means that it has 20,600 pages in its index from www.kremp.com.  I
was wondering why the 20,600 number changes day to day and sometimes
hour to hour.

Does anybody know why?

Re: Why does the number of search matching results change everyday?

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Google is broken is the easy answer. It's giving inconsistent results.
Some days, when the datacentres are being populated with the most
recent serps, it'll do that anyway but at the moment it's happening
pretty much all the time. We're all hoping things will settle down
soon, it's been a while now.



Re: Why does the number of search matching results change everyday?


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Looking at ours there seems to be a cycle, though I haven't tracked it
to see the period.

It seems to plateau for a while, then drop precipitously, then climb
for a few days to a number way higher than the previous plateau, then
drop over a few days to a new plateau. Knowing our site, the plateaus
seem to be about right. Right now we're in a plateau.

Interestingly, though, we seem to get better than average clicks
during the dip, then worse than average around the peak. I have to
wonder if our competitors are experiencing the same thing, but perhaps
not entirely in sync with us or at a different amplitude.

Note also that the reported # will sometimes vary according to the
SafeSearch level in your Google search settings. I wonder if there's
something going on there beyond the obvious, like maybe pages being
temporarily flagged en mass for SafeSearch blocking until they're
reanalyzed. Just one factor among many, though, I'm sure.

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