Why did my Home URL change?

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Please help me...somehow my home page has gone from
www.snuggleyheatingpad.com to www.snuggley.com .  I own both.
Snuggley.com is forwarded to snuggleyheatingpad.com .  godaddy.com
uses a HTML redirect.

I wrote to google and they said that snuggley.com shows up because it
has a higher page rank and links.  That is not true because I have no
links to snuggley.com and have never submitted snuggley.com .
www.snuggleyheatingpad.com was in the search engines results and
ranked well, now they replaced the URL with www.snuggley.com that has
no links nor a good ranking.  Actually I can not see the PR for
snuggley.com because when you go there it takes you to

Look at site:www.snuggleyheatingpad.com and you will see that they
have every page listed my my home page.  Now go to
site:www.snuggley.com and youwill see my home page.  Can someone tell
me what to do besides close down www.snuggley.com .  I use
snuggley.com for business cards and sew on labels for my heating pads.
 I have NEVER submitted snuggley.com and there are no links to it, so
how did google find it and why would they replace a good URL with a
lower URL?

I have resubmitted snuggleyheatingpad hoping that when they respider
my site, and they will put the correct URL on my home page.  It stinks
to work so hard for links and good content to have a mess up ruin my
ranking in the google searches.

Thank you very much.  P.S.  If you do the same thing
site:www.snuggleyheatingpad.com at www.yahoo.com, it says the same
thing.  But, yahoo dropped me off once they went to their own search
results.  I do not know why yahoo will not have me list me again.  Any
ideas on that would be greatly apprecitated.  Maybe you can tell me
why yahoo will not list me.

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