Why can't I use my gmail address for AdSense?

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Ok I'm a newbie to google. Ok I'm dummer that dog turds. I do speak
english very well though. When I was trying to setup my AdSense
account, the option was offered to use my existing email for my AdSense
account. I thought what a cool idea! save's memory cells, keeps me from
having to remember more than one login for google. Wheew this will be


I tried for over half an hour to figure out what I was doing wrong in
the signup process. As far as I could tell I was doing everything quite
correct. (This was not the first time I'd tried to setup an adsense
account) I answered all the questions. I filled all of the fields. No

When I was offered the option to use an existing email account for
AdSense, I jumped on it. But what I got back was a message that said
that email is already in use and that I should choose another one.

Well heck! I know the email is in use...IT"S MY EMAIL ADDRESS!!! I
remember when I signed up for a gmail account. I couldn't use the usual
spelling of the name I use for most emails because it was in use. Well
this isn't the first time I've run into this problem. I've got a few
different ways to spell the name I use and I've always been able to get
one of them accepted.

It is true that I've signed up for Adsense before using that email, but
when I try to sign in recently I get the message below!

Quoted text here. Click to load it
unapproved >application. For more information about your application, please review
the message we >sent to the email address you provided with your application.

You see I did in fact use that email address in the past and have been
able to login using it with no trouble. But that was a little while
ago. Less than 2 months if I remember correctly. Could have been 10
weeks ago or 6 weeks ago, it wasn't all that far in the past though.

The point is that I used that email before successfully before. Now I
can't login with it and the message says the application is unapproved.
This is not true. The application was approved. I can't prove that
without getting the actual html that I was given to place on my web,
but I know it was because I remember signing into my AdSense account
with it and I do in fact have the actual html somewhere!

So What's up AdSense. Either the email is in use (in which case I
should be able to login since it's my email address) or it's not in use
and I should be able to use it for my AdSense account.

If you know what the heck is going on I sure would appreciate getting
this cleared up so I can go on with my business.


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