Why am I not ranked by Google yet?

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About the middle of May I submitted my site,
www.improvingyourfamily.com, to Google.  Within 3 weeks, they started
listing the home page.  Or at least I could go to Google and under
advanced search I would type in " site:www.improvingyourfamily.com".
The result would be only the home page.

My site was rated and still is rated 0 out of 10 for PR.

What is going on?  What have I done wrong?  Now after about 10 weeks,
only the home page is in Google, and my pr is still 0 out of 10.  I am
having troulbe getting other webmasters exchange reciptorcal links
because no one wants to link to a PR0 site.  (Thank goodness some
sites have though.)

My site is built using Mambo.  Mambo is a blog type of template built
with php and MySql.  There is a component for search engine page
naming, which I have installed.  Postings on a Mambo bulletin board
indicate that there should be no problems with using Mambo for a web
site and getting listed in Google.

For example, here is a typical url to a page with real content:

http://improvingyourfamily.com/Articles/Kids_in_General/Giving_Praise_to_Kids/26 /

Now there is no html on the end.  This is a how Mambo and its search
engine page naming component generate page names.  I have been assured
repeatedly by Mambo techies and by people who use Mambo that this
should not be a problem for Google.

I have modified Mambo slightly to make the site look and act less like
a blog and more like a regular site.  When I submitted the site to
Google the first time, I had about 125 articles of real content, along
with about 10 pages of outgoing links, and a dozen or so
administrative types of pages, like contact info, privacy statement,
home page, site map, etc.  So I think I had enough real content pages
to get started.

It seems to be working, at least as far as Google Adsense is
concerned.  I have articles on different aspects of family life, and
the Google ads seem to correspond to the topic of any given  page.
(There are sometimes exceptions to this of course, but generally the
Google ads follow the page topic.)  Additionally, if I add a new page,
within a week or so, the Google ads for that  particular page will
change from the default public service ads to ads that match the topic
of the page I added.  So the Google adsense program is spidering my
pages and returning appropriate ads.

But after waiting 10 weeks for Google to give me some sort of better
ranking than 0 of 10, and waiting for Google to start picking up my
other pages in their index, I am frustrated at the length of time it
is taking.

By the way, I have about 20 other sites linked to our site, I am in
several other search engines, and I am in about 15 link farms.

Is this typical for Google to take this long to index and list a new

If the site should be listed by now, then I would greatly appreciate
it if someone could take a quick look at the site and see if I am
missing something.

Is the about page naming convention perhaps the reason for the delay?

Or should a url like the one below be acceptable to Google?

http://improvingyourfamily.com/Articles/Kids_in_General/Giving_Praise_to_Kids/26 /

Thanks for any help on this.
Cheers to all,


Re: Why am I not ranked by Google yet?

Quoted text here. Click to load it
http://improvingyourfamily.com/Articles/Kids_in_General/Giving_Praise_to_Kids/26 /
Quoted text here. Click to load it
http://improvingyourfamily.com/Articles/Kids_in_General/Giving_Praise_to_Kids/26 /
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You are only showing one site linking to you, and that is in AllTheWeb.com.

You will need a few more PR 4 sites linking to yours to get some PR.  PR
comes from other sites.

You will also need to include you rkeywords that you want to be listed under
to see how much competition is there for you.

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Re: Why am I not ranked by Google yet?

On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:02:37 -0700, "www.seo-highrankings.com"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks for the post.  I know there are at least 20 sites that link to
my site.  Until you just mentioned AllTheWeb.com, I have not seen any
of these links on Google.  How long should it take for a link to show
up in Google?  At least 3 of the links to my site are PR6, and about 4
are PR5.  Yet I have not seen them show up.

Is this time frame, i.e. the time it takes to get results from posting
content and reciprocal links, about typical?  Am I just being too
anxious and need to wait longer?

Also, did you have a chance to see if my page naming convention is a

Since this is the first site I ahve put up with Mambo and php, I am
concerned whether I did it correctly to ensure best spidering by

Thanks again for your post.

Cheers to all,


Re: Why am I not ranked by Google yet?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

your page can still be found when searching for a phrase like
"It is our conviction that the family develops". you don't even
need the site:...-utility.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

how deep your site is crawled depends on your PR. if your site
has PR0, then the googlebot usually doesn't crawl any deeper
than the very first page.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

it comes out more and more that the PR of a site linking to
you is not any more that important for your page rank. instead,
it is importatnt to have links which come from sites which are
really related to your site's topic and it is important that
the sites linking to you are hosted on a different network.

so wait some time. it won't be difficult then to find more
webmasters willing to link to PR0-sites. however, many
webmasters state that reciprocal links are not worth as much
as non-reciprocal.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

they are right. this is no problem for google. and actually i think
that this extra-component is quite good. it is a common technique
to put your keywords into the web-address for better positions
in the search results of various search engines, especially google.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

this is the only part which confuses me. if you have 20 regular
BLs (BL = backlink = a link from somewhere else to your site), then
your site should have at least PR1 and thus it should get crawled
more deeply tan only the frontpage.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

google is a strange sort of thing and will make you wonder and
shaking your head over and over again ;-)
on the webpages of google, they state that it takes 1 to 4 weeks
for a new site to get listed. my experiences range more arround
6 weeks. but anyways, 8 weeks should be enough. however, your site
got listed: if you can find your front page in google with any
searchphrase which corresponds to your actual site-content or if
google shows you a cache-version of your site, then this means
that your site is listed, even if it's only the very front page.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

i can't find anything wrong so far, but i only had a quick look.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

my suggestions:

look at google's cache-versions of the sites which link to you.
- do the cache-versions exist?
- are the links to your site already included in googles cache?
  meaning: does google know about the links to you?

every webserver has a logfile wherein the accesses to the
websites from users and bots are logged. your hoster should make
it possible for you to download these files or at least get an
overview of the access statistics.
either in the logfiles or in the statistics, look for something
called "User-Agent" or "Browser Version". look for "Googlebot/2.1"
and maybe you can find the exact time when googlebot visited your
site the last time.
don't confuse "Googlebot" and "Mediapartners-Google"!!! these are two
different things. googlebot is for crawling and indexing pages.
it's the actual bot of the google search engine which you are
interested in.
the Mediapartners-Google bot checks your webpages for determining
what sort of ads to supply for these pages. it doesn't seem to
have any other job. thus, it is more or less onrelated to the
search engine.

3) go to
http://forums.seochat.com -> Google Optimization
some of those guys know a lot more than me.

good luck,

Re: Why am I not ranked by Google yet?

Try to get more established and older sites to link to you.  The new
google algorithm seems to put a sandbox around your ranking by
calculating who links to to who over a period of time.  That means if
you are linked by sites that are "spam like" their PR might not even
get transferred to you, as they are in a sandbox of their own even
though they may have PR.   Sometimes your site may even get kicked or
devalued to PR0 if you are not carefull with the linking.  Otherwise,
to get started, here is a place to get links from an old and
established site:

Haven't had problems getting quick PR from that 1996 site.

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