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Go to paulzhao.com.  I know, I did some SEO no-no's, such as 302
redirects, which is something I need to address later, gotta call
GoDaddy and whine about it.  :)

Re: While we'repromoting self blogs:

__/ [ Paul Zhao ] on Wednesday 08 March 2006 14:13 \__

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I wish to make no presumption as to where you come from, but yesterday I read
that the Chinese government tore down 2 very popular blogs. I guess freedom
of speech is not a acceptable everywhere in the world.

I have taken a look at your blog and realised it was no outspoken, nor did it
involve politics. I say this because I guess practices against politics
blogs will reach the west as well. A> gain, I make these statements without
any attempts to allude to anything. Just a random thought, that's all. From
your English, I can only assume that the surname is only a matter of
heritage and roots.

Best wishes,


Re: While we'repromoting self blogs:

Yeah, I'm not big into religion or politics, they just don't spark my
interest.  This is meant for a "public blog" that might help out in my
career in the future, and I tend to avoid "touchy" subjects.  The worst
thing I'll probably do in that blog is slightly badtalk some company
with some "opininated facts".

Re: While we'repromoting self blogs:

__/ [ Paul Zhao ] on Thursday 09 March 2006 16:09 \__

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Once you do it the first time, there's no going back. You're like a criminal
with a red pistol in the holster. I used to moderate my views until I busted

http://scobleizer.wordpress.com/2006/03/04/better-mail-than-jail /

The pages are there to stay, so what's the point sweeping the archives with a
nylon broom?

Best wishes Paul.

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