Whether & how to concentrate multiple domains (consultancy possible)

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I run a quite large and successful site (c. 250k unique users/month)
that's currently spread across about two dozen domains, of which about
six carry most of the traffic (and sales). We have a lot going for us
in SEO terms, including a core domain dating to 1995, lots of
world-leading keyword-rich content, and quite a lot of inward links.
But our rankings for our main keywords leave a lot to be desired and
basically aren't as high as they should be for their quality of content.

I've been led to believe (by an SEO company we paid thousands to, for a
report that was mostly not great) that a big problem is that our impact
is too diluted, and we should  be focussing all our traffic in a few
(or even one?) main domain. The theory is that one very high listing
for each main keyword would be better than lots of lower ones, and
would more than compensate for the hit we'd probably take in lower
conversion by doing this (by offering less targetted specialist

What I'm looking for is either pointers to useful resources, or expert
help from someone who really knows their stuff in this regard. If I
find someone who convinces me they're more than hot air, I don't mind
paying for consultancy in due course, as this is only part of a large
project to up our game in this way. But having been bitten once, I
first need to be convinced by solid facts and reasoning.

The main questions I need to address are:

1. Is it true that focussing our traffic in fewer domains would
significantly boost our listings?

2. What would be the traffic return by e.g. improving 4 main keywords
to top half page one, from top half page 2 of google?

3. Should we reduce from 24 (specialised sub-markets all within same
theme) down to six, or down to 1?

4. If we do change over, what form of re-directs should we use?

5. If we moved e.g. to one domain, but wished to retain a form of
virtual sub-branding for the old branded sub-sites, should we use
subdomains (e.g. olddomain.maindomain/content/ ) or directories (e.g.
maindomain/olddomainsubject/content ) or what?

6. Other thoughts?

As  you'll have noticed, I'd prefer not to identify us at this stage
publicly. But I can answer questions here with specific answers, and
obviously if I find someone I trust and we go private I'll fill in the
gaps then.

Anyone able to help?


Re: Whether & how to concentrate multiple domains (consultancy possible)

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Yes, but that could happen at the expense of long tail queries that
you may not be counting.

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Probably huge impact.

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I would not if that entailed loss of visitors.

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I think that you can easily break what you have, for a very uncertain

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If your website looks too spammy, people will not like it, and some
SEO does make sites look so.

On my algebra.com, I concentrated on letting users create algebra
content, and on cleaning up the link structure somewhat.


Re: Whether & how to concentrate multiple domains (consultancy possible)

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You mean like this ?

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