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Hi - I've got a relatively new website running which does not have a
lot of traffic. The client decided to pay for some 3rd-party SEO work.
I was skeptical of the company, but the site ranking jumped almost
immediately from 3 to 8. When I Google on
[link:www.help2sellsc.com]there are about 7600 hits, but when I view
the source code for the listed linking sites, I can't find any links to
this website. How'd they do that, and is it legal?

Re: Where are the links?

damn good question...


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Re: Where are the links?

On 20 Apr 2005 08:18:35 -0700, rotay20@hotmail.com wrote:

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Interesting, that's using a trick to steal another sites PR/backlinks
probably using a 302 redirect trick.

The page/site they have stole PR and backlinks from is



Gives the same backlinks.

My understanding is this will not give this site
http://www.help2sellsc.com/ a boost in the SERPs, but might damage
this pages http://www.thomson.com/learning/learning.jsp SERPs long
term (could be removed from the index).

There are only 5 pages indexed at



There is no optimization of the pages and the titles are identical!

A test SERP for-

Help 2 sell SC - Discounted Real Estate selling fees

Which is a specific title finds the site at around 40th.

And this-

Help 2 sell SC provides discounted Real Estate selling fees for

Which is on the home page and quite specific isn't any better.

So the sites not doing well in Google.

If the PR8 and backlinks counted the site should be number 1 for this
and most of their SERPs. The results you have is what you might expect
from a PR3 home page.

Basically your clients been conned because this is not what I'd call
legal (no idea if your client has any liability though). Google
however could rightly ban the domain for this, though from threads
I've read they are twiddling their thumbs over this issue!

How long did it take to go from PR3 to PR8? Was this an overnight type
thing where you paid your money and hey presto PR8.

You should advise your client to demand their money back and get them
to remove the 302 redirect ASAP to prevent possible permanent damage.

How much did this cost and who did it?

You might find http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum30/28742.htm helpful
as a starting point of understanding this.

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Re: Where are the links?

Do a search on "302 hijacking"

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Re: Where are the links?

rotay20@hotmail.com wrote:
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All of the pages show a PR8 display for me, but the Google cached version in
each case refers to another site
http://www.thomson.com/learning/learning.jsp which looks like the genuine
PR8.  The pages from your site no longer appear to be indexed by Google.
My attempt at link:www.help2sellsc.com gives nothing, whereas the Thompson
site shows 7820 backlinks.  It is as though the PR process has gone wrong
and is displaying data from completely the wrong site.   The site was
registered on 22 Dec 04 and has IP address  The Thompson site
is at  Check your server is configured normally, without any
obscure redirects, for example.  If the problem is not at your server, ask
Google for an explanation of the false PR display and why the cached version
does not match the content and why your site no longer appears to be indexed
at all.   Best regards, Eric.

Re: Where are the links?

Eric Johnston wrote:
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version in

Thompson site
without any
server, ask

Thanks for all the responses. It's going to take me awhile to absorb
all the 302 redirect info. I can't say for sure how quickly it jumped
from PR3 to 8. It happened within a couple weeks, maybe sooner. I can't
find anything unusual from the server end. I still have access to the
current web pages, and there's nothing funny going on in their code
that I can find. Interestingly, I ran [link:www.help2sellsc.com]
several times over an hour or so. It alternated between 1700+ linking
sites and none. One more question - where would the 302 redirect be
driven from? As I said, I cannot find anything unexpected on the server
or within the website code. Thanks, Rob

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