where am i going wrong?

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i'm a designer [mainly web] and i've been studying SEO for a while [at
a low level] and using all the information i can find on the internet
and on groups such as this one. i have been optimising my site and keep
renewing it, updating it and submitting it. and still i'm not getting

in fact my site is getting less visitors now, than before!

if anyone can genuinely help with some pointers as to where i'm going
wrong. i would appreciate any help.

before anyone starts, yes i know i offer SEO on my site - i pass that
work on to a freelance developer. and yes, i know i should get them to
do my site, but i want to learn myself.

my site is http://www.i-glu.co.uk

many thanks in advance to anyone who can genuinely offer me any advice


Re: where am i going wrong?

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed wcslingsby@hotmail.com writing in

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Not an SEO thing, but you should make sure that you explicitly set the
background color of your page.  For instance, I use pale blue for my
background (easier on my eyes), so I see <http://www.cavalcade-of -

You might do better going with HTML Strict, removing all presentational
markup, and not abusing tables for positioning of elements.  Not only will
your site be lighter to load, it will be easier to maintain.

Adrienne Boswell
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