where am i going wrong?

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i'm a designer [mainly web] and i've been studying SEO for a while [at
a low level] and using all the information i can find on the internet
and on groups such as this one. i have been optimising my site and keep
renewing it, updating it and submitting it. and still i'm not getting

in fact my site is getting less visitors now, than before!

if anyone can genuinely help with some pointers as to where i'm going
wrong. i would appreciate any help.

before anyone starts, yes i know i offer SEO on my site - i pass that
work on to a freelance developer. and yes, i know i should get them to
do my site, but i want to learn myself.


Re: where am i going wrong?

sorry forgot the URL


Re: where am i going wrong?

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Well, right off the bat I noticed you title doesn't ring most important
*i-glu - eye catching web design, web development, email marketing,
corporate identity*
Web Design- Web Development- Email Marketing- Corporate Identity

Your image logo to the right needs to have a link to have the alt text
indexed. Also make sure web design and development are in the alt text. I
presume that is you most important right?

Your heading markup isn't in the right order, also you content is read last.
I feel content should be read first. Web design and development doesn't
shine on that page. You need to make it stick out with more.

Also, I noticed you advertise SEO? You title on that page isn't good either
IMO. Sticky websites the first phrase is an important phrase?

Anyway, these are just a few items that can be changed.


Re: where am i going wrong?

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One thing that I might note is that your site does not work. I clicked
on your links and could not get anywhere. Only the front page worked.

Too much javascripting (which also does not work with my Opera).

Images instead of plain words.

Lack of any real content. (articles, discussions etc)


Re: where am i going wrong?


nuff said

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Re: where am i going wrong?

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Yep, this also!

Re: where am i going wrong?

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I'd like someone to clarify this statement for me, cause I've seen it
mentioned so many times.

When you say 'create a link with your phrases' do you mean that the text
between the <A> </A> tags should have the keyphrases, or can the
keyphrases follow on after the anchor tags.

e.g. Is this better:

<A HREF="http://www.banana.com ">Banana.com for bigger bananas</A>


<A HREF="http://www.banana.com ">Banana.com</A> for bigger bananas

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Re: where am i going wrong?

Stimp wrote:

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The former

Just a side note: http://www.banana.com/ might be better than
http://www.banana.com from a technical (non SEO) point of view.

Also don't make up example domains, use example.com for examples.

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Re: where am i going wrong?

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hmm... this is a problem. Every person that I've managed to get links to
just places the website address in the anchor, and then puts the
descriptive text afterwards

This would seem to be a common practice among most sites with links that
I've come across

Are these links non-searchable for the descriptive text that I have
placed after them?

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Re: where am i going wrong?

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Assuming people are searching for bigger bananas then I'd want
<a href="foo.htm">bigger bananas</a> in my inbounds.

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Re: where am i going wrong?

wcslingsby@hotmail.com wrote:
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Hi Warren,

Next to the tips already given:

First of all, think about the keywords you want your site to be found on.

Found keywords:

  10     your
   8     design, designers
   8     marketing
   6     identity
   6     web
   5     glu
   3     company, companies
   3     corporate
   3     email
   3     page
   3     that
   3     the
   2     are
   2     but
   2     customers
   2     development
   2     Divine
   2     Green
   2     have
   2     Internet
   2     ISP
   2     potential
   2     with, within
   1     about
   1     advise

Your site isn't about webdesign, website design or even web site design
is it?

On your site about SEO there are 5 tips,

Tip nr. 2 Keep your text as html and not images.

On the exact same page (and others) you use a header with text in an image?

My last tip, ask your SEO company which you are working with to teach
you how to optimize your site. If he/she/they does not want to, swich
your SEO.


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