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There are actually some dumb and some rich people that are willing to
pay for Pay Per Click at Yahoo. My advice to you all is to click like
maniacs on sites that pay because it sets a very bad precident for the

Search engines should be free and not pay per click or pay to register.
That's total bullshit!

So I say click away and make those idiots that are willing to pay PAY!
Through the teeth!

People who do PPC are as bad as scabs that go through picket lines of a
strike and take jobs from union workers.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

Alot remains to be seen.

There are many out there who've shelled out money and found out that it was
money poorly spent. So who's to say that it won't happen again?

'and Who's to say at this very point in time what exactly the new Yahoo will
end up looking like? From what I can gather, it'll all be mixed up in the
results, Freebies and Paid.

How Yahoo goes about the rest, we'll find out.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm still a huge Google Fan. But i'm giving them the
benefit of the doubt right now.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

LuDi790 wrote:
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Well I guess then you haven't read the latest news from Yahoo. They are
no longer free at all as they have just announced it here:

You no longer need to give them the benefir of teh doubt. Time to join
the YAHOO SUCKS! Movement!!!!

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

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them the

Does that mean that all the commercial sites currently listed that do not
pay will disappear from the search?

If that is the case their search results are going to be limited to say the

It also kills of companies trying to start businesses on the web that do not
have advertising budgets yet offer very good value products as a result.

If Yahoo do this, they will soon become irrelevant as a search engine, once
people realise that all they are getting shoved down their throats are the
paid for listings.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

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No Sam, actually I'm the one posting quips from the latest news all over.
Continue to read and you'll see that THERE WILL be free inclusion. Even for
commercial sites. It's just that they're going about some non-sensical approach
of having folks pay if they want their site's included with that "every-48
hour" update with no guarantee of ranking boost or anything else.

Also, from what I've read, they'll be mixing up the paid with the freebies.
Which doesn't make sense to me. The best bet in my own opinion is to simply
have PFI set aside much the way that Google does it with their adwords and

It'll take awhile for the dust to settle from all this, and if you ask me,
they'll be a helluva lot of confused folks out there for the upcoming week, if
not months.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

Interesting view Sam......not sure I'd put is that strong.....the point is
this, for one of our clients they get 3000 unique visitors through the SEs
per day. For the terms they want they would need to PPC an average of £0.40
per click. That's £36,000 per month, what comes to mind is a "fool and their
money are soon parted" if Google/Overture can make money, well we live in a
free enterprise economy.

But the best bit is as an SEO you can make a very good living by using the
same argument. the question is how good do I feel saving my client £31,000
per month- I say long live PPC it means good SEOs can make a decent living
and intelligent clients get what they want for less.


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Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

Matt wrote:
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Personally I don't see how you would get very many clients from using
Yahoo ppc which costs $1,000 per url per month approx? Who are your
clients anyway the Rockerfellers?

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Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

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Maybe they are just smart businesspeople.

$1000 / $0.40 per click = 2500 very targeted visitors since they searched
for certain keywords and knowingly clicked on an advertisement.

Visitor to Sales Conversion Ratio:
3% = 75 new customers
2% = 50 new customers
1% = 25 new customers

Customer Aquisition Cost:
$1000 / 75 = $13.33
$1000 / 50 = $20.00
$1000 / 25 = $40.00

If you sell a product and have Gross Margin (Sales - Product Cost) of
greater than your Customer Aquisition Cost then you make some money on your
first sale.

If on average your customers buy from you more than one (if you have
complementary products, new releases, upgrades, subscriptions, or any other
repeat business) then you get those sales without advertising costs.

You should factor calculate the average contribution per customer over the
life of the customer and then determine if the customer aquisition cost is

This does not all mean that you cannot lower you customer aquisition cost
by instead of spending $1000 on advertising you spend it on $500 SEO by
hiring someone or if you would rather work on SEO yourself can cost you
nothing except your time (but what is your time worth? If you spend that
time generating sales or improving another part of your business, would
that generate a greater return?).  

You just have to be a businessperson and determine (sometimes make an
educated guess) as to how best to spend your limited resources (money,
time, etc.).

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Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

So what happens if you pay for something like those Ads on the side on
Google and I guess Yahoo when someone clicks over and over again? Do
they charge like one click per origin per day or what?

The scenario is more exagerated when you go outside of Europe and
N.America, how can a small business pay per month more than the local
annual salary just to get their site seen ? Yahoo may do well in
countries where $1,000 is ok for an average business but what happens
when someone searches for something in a country where the local
businesses cannot affod those kinds of figures, I will tell you, the
search answers will bring up all the foreign business that have
keywords or whatever including those countries / place names. I guess
they are not interested in Asia etc because local Search Engines are
'booming' and once Yahoo goes to paid inclusion only then business and
searchers will turn to whichever local / regional searchj engines have
the initiative to pick up the huge gap in the market.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

I have said here several times that the internet will eventually match
the real world in terms of having to have large amounts of money to

The internet will not always be a place where you can start a business
ovrnight and get tons of traffic based solely on the amount of time
you spend doing SEO. It will either require lots of diversification
into niche markets or large amounts of advertising dollars.


Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

Tim Arnold wrote:
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Totally disagree with you. The internet is not based on business. It's
about information sharing or the information highway as it used to be
called. Anything can be used as a business and so it was only natural
for business and money making opporatunities to come join aboard the
information highway and be players but NOT owners.

If all search engines charged to have sites listed the internet would go
out of business very quickly. That I can guarantee you of! Commercial
only sites and old free lsted ones would bore the public to death and
they would find something else to do to entertain themselves. Perhaps
virtual reality will come of age soon and that will take the place of
the internet? Sounds reasonable to me and just pondering what Virtual
Chrissy Phone Sex' would be like? Kind of makes me tingle all over :).

However if they are dumb enough to totally get rid of free listings then
my guess is Internet 2, which already exists by the way, would simple
take over and internet 1 would just dye and fade away.

To date though the most bizzare thing I ever heard came from Microsoft
and probably from Bill Gates himself no doubt. About a year or two ago
they were pondering the idea of charging people to use MSN. Not list
sites I'm talking just for using their search engine!

At any rate the search engine is the heart and soul of the internet. An
all commercial paid for listings search engine has no heart and no soul
and is a dead thing.

Re:What To Do About Yahoo.......

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of a
But not quite as bad as blog and guest book spammers.
Incidently, the free submit for non comercial sites is still there
but obviously only in the correct categories.
£200.00 is not a lot for an express submit for a business to the web
oldest directory
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Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

.... because it sets a very bad precident....

George W. Bush ??

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

Martin Hagstrøm wrote:
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I heard he called Kerry on the phone today to congradulate him.
I guess he was practicing for November.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

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Sam, I think you have it backwards my friend :-))

Repeat after me...Kerry is Scary, Kerry is Scary :-)

Just pokin' fun man.

James Taylor

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

www.seo-highrankings.com wrote:
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If I were a Republican I would find Kerry's election team very scary
myself. They remind me of JFK's election team. They're making all the
right moves where as Bush's re-election team reminds me of his father's
re-election team and we know where that went. If Bush loses the election
in November it will be because the swing voters or what they used to
call the Reagan Democrats years ago is gone for him and all Kerry has to
do is hold onto them. Right now with ABB fever in the US that shouldn't
be too difficult. But look at the bright side. If Kerry loses that means
Hillary Clinton will run next time and she'd probably win too. So ask
yourself as a Republican what would you rather have 4 years of Kerry or
8 years of Hillary? Hey it's a no brainer. Don't get me wrong folks I
like Hillary and wish she was the nominee instead right now.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

Sam wrote:
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Then again the idea just occured to me that John Kerry might just pick
Hillary as his running mate. Oh my God a Republican nightmare of
insurmountable proportion!!! You know what? I think he will pick her and
I think she will accept and if that happens Bush is going to lose by the
biggest landslide this country has ever seen yet.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

Please, Kerry is such a wet noodle that his running mate has to be milk

If not, his running mate will take the spot light away from him.


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Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

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I hope not. I think Hillary would make a fine VP or POTUS, but she's
too polarizing as a candidate. Too many people believe all the "she's
a hardcore liberal" crud the conservative press has put out about her,
effectively hamstringing her electability.

Re: What To Do About Yahoo.......

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err...I think SHE said that stuff about herself.

Looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, chances are it is
not a Pelican!!

Why can't that camp get that?  You are who you are, not who you SAY you are.

That will be the Democrats demise this year.  That and they have alienated
the conservatives who are the majority still...albeit a bit slient.

And in all truthfullness, her husband hamstrung her electability.  He peed
on the highest office in the world and treated it like he owned it.

James Taylor

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