What is the importance of search technology?

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I am trying to understand what motivated yahoo to buy inktomi.  Most
of the news articles that I read state that search technology is very
important.  But none of them say why.  I don't understand why it makes
sense to own "inferior technology" as that of inktomi as opposed to
using the service of google.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Re: What is the importance of search technology?

kkannanus@yahoo.com (KK) wrote:
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Yahoo perceives Google as a competitor.  Owning Inktomi puts Yahoo in
a better position to compete.

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Do you read searchenginewatch or any of the other search forums?
There is no consensus that Google's technology is better than

gds at best dot com

Re: What is the importance of search technology?

Search Technology has really evolved.  Inktomi actually had the best
technology before Google came along.  Now, many people think that it
really is a technology dead lock with all parties bring some value to
the search table.  So way is it a big deal?  The importance of search
technology is a results of these two reasons:

1. Great search technology can be sold to other companies for
internet, intranet and database searches.  They can also sell the
technology to other search engines that don't want to develop their
own technology.  Commercial Search Solutions is a hugh business.

2. Search technology is a great marketing tools since consumers alway
want to use the best service possible.  Google built a brand without
advertising on this very same concept.

Hope this help clear things up.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search

kkannanus@yahoo.com (KK) wrote in message
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Re: What is the importance of search technology?

I am doing an academic study of this space and I wanted some
clarification on this.

As Kim points out, there are two positives to owning search engine.
My guess is that the first one -- corporate search space -- does not
generate as big a profit as advertising profits on search engine.
Further, the second one (or even the adveritising revenue) does not
even depend on whether you own the search technology or lease it,
right?  From that perspective, I am still confused.  Am I clear about
my confusion :).


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