What is the difference?

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OK, this is starting to confuse me.  I know the difference between using
http://domain.com & http://www.domain.com (treated as separate domains) but
why when I look at my default page
http://www.hosting.fast-trak.net/default.asp does it have no PR when
http://www.hosting.fast-trak.net does?  Are they not the same page?


Dan Pickard

Re: What is the difference?

To add to the above.  If I do a search for http://www.hosting.fast-trak.net
on Google and check the links it comes back with 1 but if I do a search for
http://www.hosting.fast-trak.net/default.asp on Google and check the links
it comes back with 92 and yet the links from those 92 pages are referencing
http://hosting.fast-trak.net and not http://www.hosting.fast-trak.net or
http://www.hosting.fast-trak.net/default.asp .  It is really puzzling me.

Re: What is the difference?

Dan Pickard wrote:

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A search engine doesn't necessarily know that / and /default.asp are the
exact same page, as the default/index page of a site is configurable by the
web server. Typically for IIS this is default.asp or default.aspx and for
Apache index.htm, index.html, index.php and so on. When you go to a site
just using the domain only there's no way of telling what the actual index
page name is.

From what I can see on your website, it's only your / homepage that has a
pagerank of 3. All the other pages have 0. Since default.asp appears to be
considered a child page of the / homepage in this case it has the same
pagerank as those pages.

I don't know what difference it will make, but maybe you should change
the /default.asp links to just / links.

Chris Hope - The Electric Toolbox - http://www.electrictoolbox.com /

Re: What is the difference?

theyre the same page, just not the same URL

for accessibility your site should be accessible via both but as you know,
people are stupid and if you dont put www. infront of it on your advertising
they wont know what to do


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