what is necessary for seo using .asp

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If someone can help, it would be appreciated.
I am not familiar with seo using.asp.  Are there any specific tasks I should
complete that is different than working with html?


Re: what is necessary for seo using .asp

No specicic tasks. I have been using asp in all my web sites and I am having
excellent results.

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Re: what is necessary for seo using .asp

A few things to consider:
How is state maintained?  Through querystring or cookie?  Are you
using form posts or are you carrying variables on the querystring?
Are you using javascript for any navigation?
I'm assuming that since you have chosen .asp that you are delivering
dynamic content.  Googlebot will only follow links with NO MORE than
ONE querystring variable so consider that when creating your links.
Also, javascript postbacks will not be crawled.  If you are in a
situation where you absolutely must carry QS variables then consider
creating static links via a site map.
good luck!

Re: what is necessary for seo using .asp

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Not true. See this example in Dutch, with two parameters in some of the

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Re: what is necessary for seo using .asp

I am curious to know which of these methods works best for optimum seo?
  1.. Set up your web site so that the dynamic content is contained in a
server side include file. The include file can then by called by a
non-dynamic page. This alleviates the problem of dynamic content not being
spidered because it displays that same content on a spiderable HTML page
where it can be read and indexed without any problems.

  2.. Web sites that use ASP code often use an id as a parameter. (i.e.
widget.asp?id=5) A script can be written that will generate .asp files for
each parameter value on the web site. This would allow the "widget.asp?id=5"
url to be displayed as "widget5.asp."
Thanks in advance for your help.

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