what is a .css file?

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What is a .css file?

How does this help in search ranking?

Re: what is a .css file?

David wrote:

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A stylesheet.  Well-engineered web pages use HTML to describe the page
contents (e.g. "This is a heading, this is a paragraph, this is a
link..."), and use stylesheets to suggest how this information should be
presented ("Headings should be [x] size and [y] colour, paragraphs should
be surrounded by [z] whitespace...").

One tutorial can be found at <URL:http://www.w3schools.com/css/ , I don't
know how good it is.

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Because you don't have to worry about how the page looks so much when
writing the HTML, you can use more meaningful markup, which means the
search engines can understand the information more easily.  Also, there'll
be a lot less code in the HTML documents, which means that your keywords
and other content will be closer to the beginning of the page.

Jim Dabell

Re: what is a .css file?

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Thanks Jim! :)


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