What has happened with NorthernLigth.com?

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What has happened with NorthernLigth.com?

I used to use this search engine some years ago.

Now I can't find any tools.
Do I misunderstand something?

Re: What has happened with NorthernLigth.com?

You have a spelling error - The site is
They are  - sort of - still there

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Re: What has happened with NorthernLigth.com?

Paolo Nascimbeni wrote:
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they are mostly aiming at the corporate market and professional
researchers...hopefully they are doing well, it was an excellent search
engine when it was also easily available to the general public

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Re: What has happened with NorthernLigth.com?

Thank you. I have a speling error in post.

But Since about Jan '02 NorthernLight has gone to a fee-basis.  I've
found this letter.


Subject: Northern Light Focus
Date: Saturday, January 12, 2002 9:56 PM

Dear Northern Light Customer,

I have had the personal privilege of hearing from many of you over the
past five years regarding the many different ways you have benefited
from our search and content services. So it is with gratitude and hope
that I share with you the new direction that Northern Light is taking

As of January 16, 2002, NorthernLight.com is discontinuing free public
access to our Web search in order to focus on delivering authoritative
and timely news and archive content that you can rely on. We are
refining our business to focus more exclusively on the needs of
researchers and enterprise customers. I hope you find that this change
makes NorthernLight.com an even more valuable resource for your
requirements, as we simplify our service by reducing the clutter,
including the advertising distractions.

As consumers of quality research content, you may be wondering what
change means to you.  I am pleased to inform you that our Special
Collection will continue to be available for free searching and
pay-per-view access from Northern Light's Web site. And in the very
future, we will be introducing a consumer subscription option to our
customers, allowing you to download 50 documents per month for a small
monthly fee.  In addition, advanced search forms, real-time news,
Alerts, and Special Editions will still be available at no cost to
NorthernLight.com visitors.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an enterprise
customer, with access to Web search, flat-rate content packages for
corporate desktop, customized usage tracking, and numerous other
enterprise benefits, please contact enterprise@northernlight.com, or
call (800) 804-6533.  Or you can read more about it here:


Thank you for being with us through the years, and I hope you will
continue with us for many more.


David Seuss, CEO
Northern Light Technology, LLC

Re:What has happened with NorthernLigth.com?

The Northern Light web search engine is supposed to return to service
late this year.
http://northernlight.com /
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