What happened to Google's use of titles on this site?

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If you search google for Edelweiss Patch you get a very strange result:


personalpages.tds.net/~anthony3/ is the first hit, but there isn't a cache
date, or description.

The site used to be hosted at the URL listed, but as a result of this google
strangeness, I have moved it to a new domain.  Has Google begun penalizing
personal homepages, or is it possible that someone else on the domain is
behaving badly and caused this?  Or could it be an uptime issue when google
spidered the site?

As recently as 21 March, 2005, I was getting these placings:

embroidered doll clothes, position 7 of 172,000
quality doll clothes, position 7 of 522,000
18 inch doll clothes you get position 29 of 499,000!

Anthony Wieser
Wieser Software Ltd
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