What can listing on 'Froogle' do for me ?

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Hi all

I was considering using 'Froogle' for assisting with product sales for my
lingerie/hosiery site www.j2lingerie.co.uk

Has anyone had any success or problems in using or uploading information to
them ?

Does Froogle work well for both buyers & sellers ?
Do I need to have a particular PR rating to get a good listing on it ?
Would getting product listings on Froogle help my PR ?

It seems that with so many users using Google as thier main search facility,
perhaps they may be using Froogle for their shopping too ?

Any replies would be grateful


Re: What can listing on 'Froogle' do for me ?

I think that Froogle is going to get very big once Google starts
focusing on it.  You might want to get in now while it is free to list
your site.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

Re: What can listing on 'Froogle' do for me ?

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I have used Froogle for sometime. I is free so I see it as no real downside.
It took a few uploads to get the categories set up properly. Also, your
links must point to a "purchase page" for the product displayed. I imagine
that at some point they intend to start charging for it but for now free
sounds good to me. I don't think it does anything for PR.

Re: What can listing on 'Froogle' do for me ?

Mr McN wrote:
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I haven't done a feed for Froogle yet, but I looked through the docs
when a client was thinking about it and creating one looks very easy -
create the tab-delimited file in the right way and FTP it to the details
they give you - designed to be easy to automate.

So... I think it's well worth doing. If you get in now, you're
effectively still quite early so you're getting in before lots of your
competitors, so it's got to be worth doing for a competitive area like
the one you're in.

I don't believe you need a high PR, it does price comparison so it
depends on that. I also don't believe it affects your main site PR in
any way (if it gives you a boost, let us all know ;-)



Re: What can listing on 'Froogle' do for me ?

Thanks Kim/Mike/Paul

I have read the merchants upload info and it doesn't look too hard to do...
I think I will give it a go
The Lingerie business IS very competitive, but the products we provide are
very unique and original (and thats just the start) I hope this brings us
If it does, I will write back with how i am doing !


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