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Ladies and Gentlemen,
As of June,
The web has 2.1 billion documents and an additional 7 million pages per
day. Google indexes 560 million URL's that's 26.6666%
What about the other 74% that remains untapped. There has to be a better
way to index the net even if it takes more than .36 seconds to come up
with the result. I think a company like IBM could come up with some
hardware that could index the whole thing and could sell a customizable
search application for all platforms and make a ton of money. You SEO's
would be out of business as well as GOOGLE.

Just a thought !

Re:What are we missing here

Er, it says on Google's home page that they have over 3 billion
documents in their index and it is believed the number is more like 4
billion. I think your info is a bit out-of-date.
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The information B.W. has is completely out of date - But I impressed that he
knows how to return results  faster then .36 secs
from a search on a databases addressing 3+ Billion pages and having many
thousands of concurrent users !!!

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Paolo Nascimbeni wrote:

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Hi Paolo,

The major advantage of google is that nearly all their database is
sitting in memory (quite fast too)so there is no need for reading the
gobs of harddisks, hence their speed.

We have being testing some of our database sites hosted just in mempry
and the results v. HD is staggering.

When the 64bit tech is truely bed down then we will see some dramatic
increases in speed but me thinks thats about another year or so.

Alex Gogan - meta@fbi.ie
"The pen is mightier than the sword" -  Earle Edward George

Re: What are we missing here

Thank You Alex for the explanation - I never thought It could all fit in
memory -
In my answer I was - of course - sarcastic. I am (was) a database men myself
I couldn't believe Google speed - for me incredibly fast - Also considering
that Google is answering
in Parallel many different queries - Ok I know there are several data
center - but it is  still quite
a nice piece of work - I think

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that he

Re: What are we missing here

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Even if this figure was accurate, I'd say that easily 26% of sites are
worthless heaps of cyber-wasteland.
also, most search bring back results in the hundreds of thousands. Why would
you want more than that?

Re: What are we missing here

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Sorry this article seemed up to date to me


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