What Are The Consequences of My Website Being down for 2 Weeks

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my website has been down for 2 weeks because my bank merged and my bank
card did not work after the merge.  I have been waiting for 8 day for a
replacement card.  Will I have to start over?? My site is 7 months old.


Re: What Are The Consequences of My Website Being down for 2 Weeks

BeautyBuyNature.com wrote:

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You will probably not get listed in search engines for some time to come (a
month in Google?), or be listed only low down in the ranks. Search engines
must prioritise. As long as search engines can come back and crawl your
site, you should be fine. Having said that, if your site is not crawled
very often, its downtime may have been 'missed', which is a good thing.


Roy S. Schestowitz

Re: What Are The Consequences of My Website Being down for 2 Weeks

On 14 Jun 2005 18:22:46 -0700, "BeautyBuyNature.com"

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So your site has not been available on the web as the host withdrew it
for a couple of weeks for whatever reason. Now it's up again and
you're not sure what to do to get it indexed again.
Assuming that it was indexed before, and that it retains some
regularly spidered inbound links, I see no reason why it should not
get re-spidered in due course.

Mind you, that's assuming a lot but I'm just guessing from what you
told us. If you have problems come back here and let us know.

www.kruse.co.uk/ seo@kruse.demon.co.uk
        seo that watches the river flow...

Re: What Are The Consequences of My Website Being down for 2 Weeks

I am the webmaster for a site which was recently down for about a week.  It
does not seem to have affected the ratings in Google.

Interestingly, I have one very minor page which was written to remind less
sophisticated users on the site of the importance of Internet security.

The rest of the site has nothing to do with computers or the internet, per
se, but this page comes up at about #3 in google when searchers type in what
is apparently a common search string.  At least it shows up in my top search
strings in Webalizer.

Frankly, getting such a high rating with such a page is a bit of an
embarassment.  It certainly wasn't planned.  And I certainly don't pull any
fancy tricks.

So what can the users of this search engine news group learn?

The page name is internetsecurityprograms.html

The meta tags are:

<TITLE>Internet Security Programs </TITLE>
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Internet Security Programs">
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Programs, hints, and tips to make your
Internet Experience more secure ">

Hopefully the text on the page is useful, as far as it goes, which isn't
very far.

Even so the search string

Internet security programs

brings it up at about #3 in google



(with everything run together) brings it up as #1 !

So the title tag is important and so, apparently is the name of a file.

Google does not report a back link into the page, but since I started
writing this note I have discovered a back link to it on a newgroup with an
appropriate notation : "Something for the newbies"

Maybe the page is better than I think it is!  (lol)

oh, and the website www.nsm88.com

Again, never lose a chance to broadcast your url !

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