What am I doing wrong?

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Hopefully someone will help me out.

I created a new site for my brothers business. I thought I was doing
everything right but I am still loosing ground. The url is

I am using the keywords, alts tags, not going overboard with the meta tags
and yet we still loose ground. We were number one under "wheelchair cushion"
on Google, Yahoo, and AOL. Now one of our competitiors has taken over the
spot. What is making his site so much more preffered to google? The
competitors web site is www.easecushion.com

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: What am I doing wrong?

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Good question. This is one to watch. Here's what I find:
Your site is not linked from dmoz.org.
Your site has fewer external backward links (sayeth the google toolbar).
Your page mentions the word "cushion" 10 times as opposed to 12 times on
your competitor's.
In HTML, your title tag comes after the meta tags; the reverse on your
Your total word count is lower, his is higher.
You have a script (not supposed to matter), his is strictly simple HTML.

When you find out what gets your page higher in the Google results, please
let me know!


Re: What am I doing wrong?

Mr. Whipple! Please don't squeeze your website.

Re: What am I doing wrong?

Ruster wrote:
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I'm no expert but ...

Your logo is a graphic, so it is not searchable as TEXT by

The words "wheelchair cushion" barely appear in your page at
all. The words do not appear in <H1> type or <H2> type or in
<B> type. They are just stuck in a table in plain type.

When i typed in my own search at google, i made an error. I
typed "Wheelchair Cusion" (note my misspelling) -- yet a
number of Wheelchair Cushion pages came up, where the word
was spelled "Cusion" deliberately to take advantage of such
errors. I recommend that you too include this misspelling at
least once on your page.

Also, although the word "cushion" appeared a few times on
your page, it was not part of the phrase <wheelchair
cushion> -- and thus google has no way of telling whether
you sell a sofa cushion or cushion mums (a type of
Chrysanthemum flower).

And, while you're at it, why not try to score on the key
phrase "pressure sores"?

Try something like this

<H2> Air Pressure Support in a Wheelchair Cushion<br>
Designed for the Prevention of Pressure Sores</H2>
Add a new introductory paragraph of text telling the
potential user about what <B>wheelchair cushions</h2> are
[use the plural] and why one should buy an <b>Aquila
Wheelchair Cushion</b> and how good engineering makes
possible a fabulous <b>wheelchair cusion</b> [deliberate
misspelling] that helps prevent <b>pressure sores</b>.

Finally, here is an edited upgrade of your existing
descriptive text. Note that the words cushion and sores
NEVER should appear on your pages without their proper
modifiers, wheelchair and pressure!!!)

Airpulse PK Wheelchair Cushion: This wheelchair cushion
plays two crucial roles in dealing with pressure sores: It
helps speed the healing of existing pressure sores and it
helps prevent new pressure sores from forming. Alternate
cells of the Airpulse PK Wheelchair Cushion pad are
automatically inflated and deflated on an adjustable timed
cycle. This action changes pressure contact points and
stimulates circulation to compressed tissue.

Custom Air Wheelchair Cushion: With this model you are able
to control the degree of inflation of the two areas of the
wheelchair cushion and apply a lower inflation (interface)
pressure where it is most needed, to the bony areas of the
posterior most likely to develop pressure sores. You can
"see" the inflation level of both areas of the Custom Air
Wheelchair Cushion via the LED style pressure indicator.

Good luck,

cat yronwode

    Lucky Mojo Curio Co. http://www.luckymojo.com/catalogue.html

Re: What am I doing wrong?

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As well as all the other suggestions made,
try to obtain more backwards links to similar relevant sites
Try writing to other webmasters offering reciprocal links  ;o)

Re: What am I doing wrong?

I would remove all the javascript and formatting and go for an almost plain
text home page, including using a large plain text logo.  Use default html
size text throughout except for bold titles and headers. Add up the total
characters of the screen visible words and divide by the file size.
Maximise the result. You are seriously way way down and this is your main

Do the following:

<TITLE>Pressure sore relief cushion: Aquila Wheelchair inflatable cushion

<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Pressure sore relief with Airpulse
automatic alternating pressure wheelchair cushion - pressure sores treatment
using automatic air inflation wheelchair cushion">

Use one h1 and two h2 headings, incorporating the correct words.

Carefully analyse and adjust the word count distribution to match the
profile of your hoped for customer requests, with common words uprated and
rare words downrated.

Best regards, Eric.
www.link-sat.net www.communicationsxp.com www.satsig.net

Re: What am I doing wrong?

Ach! You don't have the word "cushion" in your domain name, he does.


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