What affects PageRank?

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The google pageRank for the company I work for was 0 for a long time.
Mysteriously, it becomes 3 now. It's an improvement although the website
is no where to be found in google. I checked thte top ranked ones, their
PageRanks are around 3 to 4. There are sites with PageRank 0 that are
visible within the first 10 pages when searching for keywords. So,
PageRank alone does not affect the rank a lot??

On the pagerank itself, I'm not sure what I did to make it higher and
which areas I can work on to make it go further?? The most important
thing is how to make my company goes to the first 3 page when searching
for a few major keywords?

These are the things I did:
1. Added major keywords to the title of each page.
2. Tried to register to dmoz.org (still not there yet)
3. Registered yahoo local
4. Changed the copy in home page to make it more keywords focused (better
content too).
5. Marketing department got us on as sponsors for a few major
organization of our field.

Also, we're target "medical transcription services" keywords. Is it
better to use singular "service" or plural "services?"

Any suggestions?




Re: What affects PageRank?

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I think you may be getting confused with PR PageRank and the ranking pages
in the index(SERP). Your PR is calculated by your links going to your pages
from other sources. Links from other sources transfer PR to your pages.
Getting links is still a major part of getting ranking positions in the
indices of search engines.

Keywords placed in the body text, etc..etc are used to calculate your SERP.
So, you got inbound links(IBL's) to raise your PR. This is the only way to
raise your PR.


Re: What affects PageRank?

cpliu wrote:

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First of all, have a look at:


To refer to some of your paragraphs:

-Google update backlinks once in X days so the jump from 0 to 3 is not
surprising. Have you looked at which sites point to your site? How many of
them? How authoritative?

-I think Google results are affected by both phrase match and PR. There is a
certain weighting they will not publish, I guess...

-To dominate keyphrases, use metatags, page title and high-valued elements
like h1 and h2.

-Plural is being transformed to singular. Always! So don't bother.


Roy Schestowitz

Re: What affects PageRank?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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Google writes about this that they use 100 factors.

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Google doesn't use those (keywords).

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But don't overdo it.

Also, note that a top 10 position out of 800 results can give you more
visitors a day compared to a top 8 position out of 2,000,000.

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