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Our domain www.internetholidays.co.uk does not show up on a google search
for " Internet Holidays"

Could it be that google is not dismissing actual domain name for page
content and other factors?

What do you think?



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Mick wrote:

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Maybe you aren't indexed at all.
Give us more info about the history of your site's relationship with google

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What's the most irritating thing on Usenet?

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A quick look shows me:

Of all your significant incoming links only three have anchor text "internet
holidays" - holfinder, passionasia and villeinitialia.

Your home page only mentions "internet holidays" twice and neither is a

Your home page header is
<title>Cheap holidays - Flights - Coach  - Ski - hotels - Late deals, Villas
and more</title>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Cheap holidays, flights, florida holidays,
cruises, Bargain UK holiday, Car hire and everything you expect from the
UK'S top travel website">
These do not mention "internet holidays" at all.

Word counts:

      20 holidays 14.6%
      13 holiday 9.49%
      7 deals 5.11%
      7 room 5.11%
      7 travel 5.11%

      5 cheap holidays 14.29%
      3 holidays flights 8.57%
      3 late deals 8.57%

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Conclusion:  Your site would appear to be optimised for nothing in

You are being overoptimistic to expect Google to parse internetholidays into
internet holidays.  If anything it is to be expected that Google will (soon)
be giving reduced credit to the stuffing of keywords into file names as it
has become a popular spamming notion. The first step is to cease the parsing
of joined words, next step to ignore hyphens etc, next step to simply
de-rate large numbers of the same file name, so as to place emphasis on
visible text.

You need to make up your mind what you are aiming for and then stick to it
consistently both on the home page and in incoming anchor text.
"Internetholidays" is so peculiar that you are #3 for this term.  Maybe if
you advertise in other media people might remember what to type in.

Within your other site pages you make the big mistake of calling (in the
anchor text) your home page "Home".  It should be something like
"Internetholidays" or "Internet holidays", whatever you decide to aim for.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Were are We ?

Thanks Eric and others

All taken on board


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Mick wrote:
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go back to basics and read up at www.webworkshop.net

formerly seo mark & brothermark

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