Weird google link: problem

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Hi guys,

When using google's link command in this format:

It shows hundreds of links that are not mine. I check the sites - view
source - try and find the link, and there is none. I look at the cache, try
and find a link, view source, try and find my link.... nowhere.

I spent ages only getting relevant on-topic links, and spent ages only
giving out relevant on topic links.

Why does google think I have these quite spammy irrelevant links? I would
understand if these links actually existed.. I could see a comptetitor
somehow gaining and pointing this links at me to harm my reputation in
google, but when I check the source and no link is actually there... I don't
understand how google can believe I have these links.

It believes I have links on various pages such as one off 'Villa for rent'
pages (not even side-wide!), and other pages totally totally irrelevant to
mine on a whole host of subjects.

What's happend? I have now disapeared from both google and yahoo for any
semi-decent term.

Is this some variation of a 301 attack or something? I have no idea. I'm not
clued up on any black hat techniques.

My site is  review and general consumer awareness site for a varely small
consumer item, and it's totally impartial and allows user reviews and has a
forum. There are various, let's say.. 'less impartial' review sites out
there promoting one particular device in the industry above all others very
blatantly... my initial thought is it may be an attack from them, but this
is pure pure spectulation and probably isn't true.

Thanks for your help and time everybody.


Re: Weird google link: problem

Don't worry about it. Even though google shows those wierd spammy links
it won't effect your site at all. The number one spammer on the internet
has created thousands of spammy links using my domains that are listed
in google at my 'from the site' and it hasn't effected me in the
slightest. He's also created thousands of bogus sites using my site
titles and meta tag description also having no effect at all on my
sites. My guess is my jealous bitter failed seo spammer is yours too.
Your serp is probably one of his serps and rather then fixing his own
sites to do better in google he speds his time trying to hurt people's
sites who are doing better then he is.

Re: Weird google link: problem

I am new here. Something similar happened to me. In some web catalogue
created by SEO people. I have already checked the owner.  I didn't sign
up for their service or anything like that.
Take a look at /
Their title is
<title> - Katalog stron www - RobArt</title>
Are they allowed to use my domain name in the title?
My site is , my title is - Cartoon
from Poland - Komiks Polski.
Now place a mouse coursor on my url within . It shows
their website. Look what they have done with the anchored text
<a href="/" onclick="window.location.href='/Przekieruj/169676/'; return
false;"> </a>
Is it legal? How will it affect my postion in Google?

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