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I have a webpage about a product called Gibberellic Acid. When I do a
search for 'gibberellic' I come out fifth. If I do a search for
'gibberellic acid' I can't even find my site. 'Acid' being a generic
name I'm confused, since my site always uses those two words together

Re: Weird?

On 5 Feb 2004 14:43:39 -0800 posted:

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Mine's weird like that. My key search phrase was oil and gas attorney,
and until December my home page was #1. Then another site decided they'd
like #1 and took it with lots of IBL's and over the top SEO, like
repeating all the key words three times in the title. After December a
search for oil and gas attorney yields 415,000 pages and I'm in oblivion
somewhere, while the top results are very bizarre with a lot of
irrelevant pages. A search just for gas attorney yields 998,000 pages and
I have pages at #1 and #2; and a search for just oil attorney yields
978,000 pages and I'm #9 (but with a different page). Oil and gas
attorney +a gives me back #1 and #2 but not with the same pages as search
for gas attorney. But none of my present SERPs come up with my home page,
which had the #1 spot before January. I keep thinking if I look at this
long enough I should be able to solve the big google mystery. But I just
get tired. Also, I polluted the analysis by sending a complaint to
google. If you went to the #1 site, it had one of those gimmicks that
results in downloading and *running* malware which you wouldn't know if
you didn't have a good firewall in place, which I did. I could put up
with being #2, but I couldn't put up with having malware put on people's
computers, especially if they were looking for an oil and gas attorney.
So I complained, about the same time Austin hit. So, who knows? And oil
and gas attorney isn't exactly what people here would consider a
competitive term.

John C

Re: Weird?

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I'm not an SEO and my website is just for my hobby - thankfully as it
happens. Pre Austin/Florida I was rated 63, post cataclysm I'm now rated
somewhere down around 122 in a simple Google search for a single keyword.
The keyword *is* a very commercial one (AFVS) so I'm up against every
commercial car company that agressivly wants to stay in business. BUT if I
plug in a *multi keyword* search it's even worse. I think the way that
Google handles multi word searches has been changed since or at Florida -
hence your noted increase in pages reported. For several other SEs the same
keyword puts me in the top ten - where I'm happy to be since the site is
nill expense available for advertising...
That's just my take - I'd like to hear the wiser heads comments on that
please :-)

 Sealy Haton

"Plain and simple - No flash, no music and proud of it..." - 'Wisdom' after
five beers.

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