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I'm new to this subject.  The website usage report tool (which is
supplied by my hosting service) for my web site shows that one host
has made a very high number of "Requests" over the last 30 days.  I
guess this means page requests.  My site is an online store and in one
section, it also offers a long page of free information as a public
service.  I'm curious why one host -- -- would make
16942 page requests in 30 days.  I confess that I don't understand the
website usage report completely...   The next highest number of page
requests over the same time period was 3023 requests, made by the host  The next highest was 1131 page requests by
another host.  There were many other hosts represented over 30 days,
but the 16942 requests stands out.  Can anyone venture a guess or
provide intepretations about what this means.

Also, my usage report shows pages with the most visits over the 30
days of course.  I noticed an odd page name in this list.  The page
name is shown in this unusual format:  /widgets.html/food.html    When
I click on this, it actually takes me to a page that looks like my
widgets.html page, but it has a broken image at the top.  I can't find
this widgets.html/food.html file on my server.  By the way, I *used*
to have a food.html page on my site, but it no longer.  I haven't a
clue what this could mean.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Do you think they might be harvesting/stealing information from your
site? You could check out their web site:

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/widgets.html/food.html *is* the page widgets.html Once the server has
found a file with the file path /widgets.html it is effectively ignoring
the remainder of the file path. I guess that your image is given a
relative address in your HTML and this therefore is not working because
a browser has not got the proper base address.
Philip Baker

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