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hello all
We just launched our new ecommerce store. The site is

looking for design/navigation/product display and any other general
feedback that can improve site's usability.

Any advice will be helpful. thanks,


Re: Website Design/Navigation feedback

On 9 Aug 2004 09:00:14 -0700, (Al) wrote:

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Text is a bit small ... "At our goal is to bring
you the best possible ...", "Get informed about our special offers
...", "Recover password ...", "If you have javascript disabled ...",
and "you save ..."/"click here for details" bits plus the dropdown
menu of brands.

I took it up a notch on my side [through Firefox as IE wouldn't let me
resize text] and it was a bit easier to read.

FONT-SIZE: 10px; <- - even those will 20/20 vision may not find that a
comfortable text size.

Try setting Body to font-size: 100% ... then use em or % for other
areas of the page's text. This will [1] allow resizing of the text and
[2] not have resized text going "bold" in IE (which somehow is what
the 100% in the body helps on preventing - go figure!).

Maybe .94em/94% or thereabouts would work? I am thinking that
.90em;90% is close to what 10px would be ... but it has been a while
since I compared on my side.

Fiddle with the text sizing offline but a notch up seemed to help it
out a bit [and didn't seem to overly bother the layout] - otherwise on
my side, on 1024 x 780 resolution, part of the page was tiny text. The
amount of text is minimal, when you think about it, so a little elbow
room on sizing thoughts - - but there are some bits that you will want
some people to be able to easily read since it is important for
navigating/shopping through the site.

I would underline the bit about "if you have javascript disabled..."
since the link text is the same color as the other text shared - just
to have that one more obvious it is a link. Or just have the links a
slightly different shade [or maybe a darker of orange or a brownish
orange hue?]  to help the links stand out a little more from the other

Like the colors used in the layout - not a fan of orange here but the
shades you selected works on your site with the logo and other images
plus the background color selected. Even with all the images on the
one page, and I am on dial up, it didn't take an outrageous amount of
time for all those to load in - around a minute.

I was a bit puzzled at first that it took me into a subdirectory
section of the site [according to the URL that appears on the browser]
when clicking on the link shared - but not a major thing on my side.


Re: Website Design/Navigation feedback

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Title tag could be improved.  Something like "Knives, kitchen cutlery,
swords, scissors and sharpeners from"

You can use plain text links and still get the same effect.  Check out or (there are many other resources out
there).  There is evidence that text links do better than image links with
alt text.

Could use more text on your interior pages.

John Merrell
Gateway Farm Alpacas
Alpaca, a natural elegance...

Re: Website Design/Navigation feedback

Thanks for your feedback. We will try to incoporate some of your suggestions.

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