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Greetings and regards to everyone,

Lately, I received an e-mail from WebCEO Ltd. inviting me to download
and test their software (under the same name). I just started to test
the program and it looks pretty good to me (an absolute beginner),
however when I enter specific key words to be included in search for
other valuable key words and online competitors I'm receiving the
following message:

"19.04.2006 14:49:02  [Hint]  Scanning is configured to run at a slow
speed so that the search engines cannot ban your IP address as an
offender sending automated queries. If you require a faster scan, use
the 'Safety and Accuracy' section of 'SE Requests' section under File >
Settings." (I don't need a faster scan at all)

In that regards, I have a kind question: some time ago I've read in the
'Google Information for Webmasters' guide that using software such as
WebPosition Gold, sending automated queries to search engines and
therefore consuming valuable computing resources, is deprecated.

Does anyone know whether WebCEO is blacklisted by Google or other
search engines? I'd be very grateful for your response. I'd like to
continue testing the program, but I definitely don't want our firm
site's IP to be banned... If there is any other, more Google-friendly
software, kindly let me know.

Thanks ahead for your responses,

Kindest regards, Piotr Bonarski
Webster Dyrud Mitchell

Re: WebCEO


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Google is not able to recognize what kind of a program you are using, as  
long as you can fake user agent string (which I assume WebCEO does).  
AFAICT what Google does is it traces requests looking for series of  
repeated similar requests. As long as you are using proper delays between  
requests you are on the safe side - proper in my experience means at least  
1 second between requests. Also in my experience Google IP ban is  
temporary and is lifted after several hours (although I have not tried to  
abuse any datacenter for a long time, perhaps there is a limit when they  
ban forever).

So: if you are not too brutal you are on the safe side :)


Re: WebCEO


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Same answer as I gave you on the Google group.



Re: WebCEO

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I personally believe the risk is very limited if:
* You have a "casual" usage (i.e. are not querying constantly 24/7 !)
* The program you use help enforce this to /some/ degree :-)

I give pretty much the same kind of warning as the program
you refer to. I also have an intensive set of options for allowing
people to add new search engines, randomized pause length
between queries, pauses between result pages etc.
(see bottom half)

best regards
Thomas Schulz

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