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Someone hacked their way into one of my web sites, got my password, and
got in and added about 200 pages of affiliate trash. They added the
links to all the pages on my index page and the 200+ affiliate pages did
not link back to the index page. It looks like they did it about a week
or so ago and both google and yahoo have most of those 200+ pages
indexed now. The really wierd part is my site was doing really badly at
google and yahoo before my site got hacked but since it got hacked and
the pages picked up my site went from 400th something to number 39 at my
serp. i almost felt like leaving it alone but I figure with the non
related spammy druggie affiliate and sex pages this person added
eventually it would have got my site banned from google and yahoo so of
course I removed them all. But the question is why would something like
that work and make my site do better in its serp? It's crazy and I
totally don't understand how that could be possible? What kind of algos
are google and yahoo running anyway that would do that??? I think we
need some new search engines is all I can say. If both google and yahoo
could be manipulated so easily to me that says they both royally suck as
search engines!

Re: Web Site Break In.....

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Might be very well the case that they also spammed blogs and guestbooks
with links to *your* site.

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And your hosting provider kicking you out...

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