Web searching tips

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Now a days every internet user visit different search engine to search
for different kind of information. All  people need to know is a little
basic "search engine math" in order to improve their results. Come
learn how to easily add, subtract and multiply your way into better
searches at your favorite search engine. The information below works
for nearly all of the major search engines like google, yahoo, MSN etc.

Be Specific..
You must be specific about your keyword what you are going to used.
Suppose you are a bigh football fan. You want to know the Complete
information about the world cup 2002.
"World Cup" or "World Cup Football" is not going to solve your problem.
You will get much better and most refined result if you use "World Cup
Football 2002" or "FIFA world cup 2002".

For example, imagine you want to find pages that have references to
both ronaldo  and World cup 2002 on the same page. You could search
this way:
+ronaldo +world cup 2002
it will shows only that result which has both the word Ronaldo as well
as world cup 2002.

For example, imagine you want information about President Clinton but
don't want to be overwhelmed by pages relating to the Monica Lewinsky
scandal. You could search this way:

clinton -lewinsky

That tells the search engine to find pages that mention "clinton" and
then to remove any of them that also mention "lewinsky."


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