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Hi everyone,

Forgive my ignorance about the isse but I have few questions and hope
would get accurate answers from experts on the subject:

1)When a visitor type a phrase on Google/Yahoo, say "economic capiatl"
for example. What happen the second I hit "search"?

2)Which search is faster: "Text search" or "Numerical search?"

3)Does a search engine search the whole WWW space? If so, how?


Re: Web Search Engines: Questions?

Mike wrote:

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These and your other questions (with answers unacknowledged) look a lot
like something from a class assignment. Question 2 especially seems
very specific to something you might have discussed in a class or out
of a textbook.

Regarding questions 3 and 1, let's work backwards. The major search
engines have "spiders" that constantly "crawl" the web, accessing and
reading web documents. They have a list of websites that they go down;
this list may be added to by discovering new links or by URL
submissions directly to the search engines. The text and other
attributes of the web pages that are crawled all make it into several
huge databases. I don't know the specifics of these databases; I
imagine that this is closely guarded secret.

What happens when you search for specific keywords is also top secret.
I'm baffled by how blazingly fast searches on even the most arcane
terms are, and I can't imagine that every conceivable keyword is
indexed independently. In other words, is there an index for the term
"negritude" that points to every web page containing that term? I don't
know -- it's all very black magic to me. It may as well be eye of newt
and hair of frog for all I know.

However the databases are setup, when you search for keywords the
search engine does a match on your keyword versus what it knows about
in its databases.  In your example, some search engines may also do
some rudimentary spell checking and offer suggestions besides


Re: Web Search Engines: Questions?

Fritz M wrote:

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Google uses pigeons


http://www.abcseo.com /

Re: Web Search Engines: Questions?

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You can be a visitor. Why not try it yourself and see what will happen.

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Same here try it for yourself.

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Hmm, what ever it knows that is there or can find. Very carefully!


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