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To whom it may concern.

I'm looking for someone with some experience to develop websites with me.
Ive been Developing Websites Professionally since 1994. I am currently on
disability and i do this to supplement that and for fun as i really enjoy
making websites and projects. Anyways i like to develop as a team and it
takes more than one to make a team. We will be building many sites, many of
them will utilize open source and custom built and so on.

What I bring to the table of this partnership:

--General web development Professionally 14 years
--Dedicated Web Servers: 4 (sponsored from fastservers.net. With more
--Domain Names: 210 plus or minus (check http://camley.info/incubator.html )
--Massive repository of scripts and templates and all tools needed for the
--Invest 50 - 100.00 a month in domain names
--SEO Experience 8 Years.
--Bulk Domain buyer at Dynadot.com (i get a dollar off per domain minimum)
this cost me 500.00 alone.
--Access to Sponsorship sources for Major projects directly

Things id like to see a partner posses to be qualified

--General Web Development Experience
--Ability to Interface Mysql Databases of content to a webscript. (new
script or existing)
--Building custom templates
--Custom Php/mysql development ability
--Comfortable with Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop
--Comfortable coding in notepad or other text editor
--Comfortable with SEO - SEM and other Marketing techniques

Note Im not a dreamer here, if your young and have lots of neat skills and
your learning this stuff, I would also consider this. just note the more you
bring to the table the more of chance you have.

Ideology behind partnership:

Basically build websites for ourselves, collect both adsense and direct
advertising revenue. Also reselling our built sites at I sold one site this
year for $25,000 on site point. So this has the potential to be very
lucrative. Take on certain client projects when we want to mess with them.
Also have the intention to setup a hosting company selling virtual servers,
vps and dedicated servers. Eventually all this will be leading to a
registered LLP or LLC.
with any success.

Percent of Partnership and Decision Making Power.
50 - 50

If this sounds of interest to you contact me here:

Cobby Drost
remove *nospam
AIM: cobbydrost12
MSN Messenger: info@averagezero.com (dont email that its a dead email
Yahoo Messenger: cobbysdell
ICQ: 23787989
Skype: cobby.drost
Googletalk: cobbyster@gmail.com

Please only serious inquires.

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