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Still can't figure out why the pagerank went down.

I am going to take all the outside links off of the orlandolinks.us homepage
except the virtual orlando link.

Do you think Google adding 1 billion pages affected it? Page rank is more
easily affected when it is lower than when it is higher.


I have your banner in random placement on many of my sites. Per advertiser I
have 2 different banners, so if you want to send another 120x60 it will give
you a better chance of more exposure.

My hits took such a landslide its not even funny, earlier this week I was
getting 1,200 to 1,800 page view/day. Now I am around 500. Over 95% of my
traffic comes from google/yahoo/aol.

I still owe you that ad in the Orlando Weekly for doing the link popularity
for me. details about it are here.


Who knows you might get a bunch of business from it! If so you could
purchase more weeks of the ad, or split the cost/profit for less risk. Worth
a try!


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