WANTED: A Google Adsense pages weeding Search Engine

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Hi net-folks,

If you are the kind of people ceaselessly rummaging through search
engine contents, then you'll realise that often the first couple of
pages are full of spam sites that are set up purely for the sake of
Google Adsense or similar advertising revenue generation.

To get rid of this menace and restore some sanity to the search
results, I propose that Search Engines penalise sites posting Google
Adsense or similar squiggly ads, other than a limited number of banner
ads.  Indeed, there can be a radio-button switch option in the search
toolbar to entirely elide all such sites as have any kind of ad, or
selectively weed out only those sites having Google Adsense/ other such
ads.  Of course, for those who love to head-butt stone walls, there can
be the "allow all sites" option.

If indeed any Search Engine uses this formula, I am sure they will
receive a flood of users looking for the genuine search results.

Yahoo! and MSN, are you listening?  Instead of copying Google in the
ad-revenue model, perhaps its time for them to adopt this
Google-killing mechanism.


Miss Caroline Brandt


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