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Now is the time to place your website at the very top of the worlds largest
search engines. Top 3 search engine placement in 7 to 10 days Guaranteed on
Yahoo, AltaVista, CNN.com, InfoSpace, Metacrawler, alltheweb, Lycos, 100hot,
cNet,HotBot, Excite, Dogpile,WebCrawler, IWon.

We are prepared to provide your business/website

with a FREE 1 month of Search Engine Positioning for NO Set up FEE, NO
Service FEE, NO charges of any kind for 30 days. After the initial trial you
may cancel the service without any obligation whatsoever!

Why do you need to be in the Search Engines?  You already know, however:

Each month over 4.1 billion searches are conducted in Domestic Search
Directories. This includes Home Seekers, Smart Pages, Yahoo, Google etc. Out
of those searches 80% are conducted in this group: Yahoo, Altavista, CNN,
Excite, Lycos, HotBot, Netscape, Cnet, Webcrawler, iWon, Direct Hit,
Gateway, Infospace, Dogpile, Metacrawler, 100hot (Google is the search
engine behind a number of popular search engines)

Do you understand? That means 8 out of 10 searches are done in 16 search
engines. That's it! Therefore, if you wish to be found on the Internet you
NEED to be in those directories. Not should, Not would be a good idea, Not
perhaps or maybe. NEED to be.

Now listen to this, 50% of the TOTAL searches conducted in those directories
results in the searcher doing business with the first 3 listings they find!
That means half of all of the Billions of dollars generated on the Web
happen with the top 3 listed businesses in each and every key phrase. 70% of
those clients do business with the #1 listing! That means over 25% of all
money spent on the Internet, on any search platform, with any business, is
spent with the businesses listed in the very FIRST position.

What We Do?

We study your website, we research the best keyword phrases to get your
website the highest rank and maximum traffic.  Through our growing unique
relationship with the search engines, we can position your website on 4 to 7
of these keyword phrases.  7 to 10 business days later your website will
appear in at least one of the top 3 (and in some cases the first) position
on EACH of the major search engines in the syndicated network. We monitor
your website thereafter throughout the term of the agreement to ensure that
you remain in top position.

How We Do It?

It's not some sort of coding "trick"

The search engines have agreed to provide companies such as ours the
opportunity to position your website in a premium ranking position, in
return for sponsorship fees (similar to other directories like the "Yellow
Pages"). We're an official "Ambassador", which means we have a written
agreement with the search engine networks. Our role is aggregating the
positioning of websites and monitoring your placement to ensure that you
remain in the top three positions (depending on the search engine grouping
you choose).

When you contact us we will ask a series of questions about your company and
it's product or service. Then our professionals will research the most
frequently-used search terms and/or geographic identifiers to place your
website in either first, second, or third position on all of the mentioned
major search engines, with a variety of search phrases.

This moves you ahead of your competitors and gives your website the best and
highest opportunity to be seen and GET RESULTS.

Where Will You Be?

Your listing will appear 1st, 2nd or 3rd (1st page on WebCrawler and Excite)
Yahoo, Altavista, CNN, Lycos, HotBot, Netscape, Cnet, iWon, Direct Hit,
Gateway, Infospace, Dogpile, Metacrawler, 100hot

* Your selected phrases will be up in 7 days! Guaranteed!

How Much Does It Cost after the free month?

PROMOTIONAL OFFER: 4 Phrases (we select the related key phrases) $0 set up
charge, $0 1st month fees and $99.90 per month for each additional month you
keep the phrases.

That means: We put 4 related key phrases up for your company right away for
NO Charge and you are under NO obligation to keep the service. You may
cancel the service at any time (before the second month) for NO Fee!

Want to sign up, have questions? let's talk contact me at the above email
address with contact information and web address. See you at the top of the
Search Engines.  Feel free to forward this information.

Re: Want to be at the top of the Search Engines, Guaranteed top 3 positions in 7-10 days, Free trial.

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