Video or HTML screen shot feature demo - which way to go?

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I have a web site ( which details a software
product my company offers.  Currently, it has a dozen or so pages
which useful content, but we want to have a 'step through' of the
product features.

I need suggestions on which is the best way to go.  Half of my team
suggest a video step through, so there is one page with the features
as a video with voice over.  However, the other half of my team (me
included) think that screen shots with next/back buttons is the way to
go.  Whilst not as slick to the end user, we can split the reduced
screen to have a screen shot and useful text, hopefully in a way that
Google will index.

However, if google does index the step through pages, I will have to
include some sort of "home" button, because the pages will be non-
standard, and wont include the main web site main index etc.

What do others think - which is the best way to go?  Has anybody else
done anything like this with any of their web sites?

Many thanks for suggestions.

Re: Video or HTML screen shot feature demo - which way to go?

JaffaB wrote:

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 Why not do both and let the visitors choose which one they prefer?
That way, Google will also be able to choose.
Brad Blanchard
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