very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

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I created a French commercial product search engine which has been
online for the past 8 months. The site gets traffic from google and
voila (a French search engine) but nearly nothing from MSN (1/80th the
traffic from google) and yahoo (1/200th the traffic from google !).
Obviously, there is something wrong with yahoo and MSN.
Traffic from msn amounted to 1/10th of total traffic in June. Then,
traffic from google increased slowly while the one from MSN dropped.
The traffic from Yahoo never rose. I tried several small changes on
keywords density but I think it didn't affect google, yahoo or msn. I
built back links by registering steadily on directories which granted me
a PR of 5 on google.
Right now I'm stuck so any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

__/ [Mommens Francois-Louis] on Monday 12 December 2005 21:55 \__

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This  is nothing out of the ordinary. I once raised similar concerns  (the
search  engines 'pie' is similar to yours) only to reveal that many others
are observing the same behaviour.

You  say  that you run a search engine site, which is therefore (at  least
partially)  technical.  As of recently, it's possible to argue,  with  the
backing of studies, that Yahoo and MSN are less likely to be used by tech-
nical people:

Still,  I am not sure to what extent this applies to your site. Less tech-
nical sites that I look after get decent traffic from MSN and Yahoo. Else-
where, they are nowhere to be found although they crawl quite heavily, al-
most  as heavily as Google. It's as though they have the same 'knowledge',
but the knowledge it is rarely sought by the users.


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Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

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You mean like this ?

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Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Or their results are poor - they have trouble exploiting their knowledge?

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Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

davidof wrote:
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I should really say it could also be that they are returning more
relevant results which don't include our sites. However one
non-technical site I run sees vastly more traffic through Google even
where the same keywords return similar or better results in MSN so I
think the main problem Yahoo! and MSN have is lack of searchers and a
horrible interface that is confusing for users. MSN now seems to be
making money so maybe their strategy is correct?

MSN in particular seem to have made very little headway in their battle
to the death with Google. Their algorithmic search engine was going to
bury Google in six months - it is over a year since it went live and
they only just show in my statistics - 0.08% of referrers as opposed to
nearly 10% for the various Googles. Their results are horribly messy
with sponsored links everywhere. It is just not a user friendly search
engine IMHO.

Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

davidof wrote:
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My site is French. And the search engines market shares are not the same
in France :
google: 60%
msn: 9.3%
yahoo: 7.5%
voila: 7%
which doesn't relate to my own statistics:
google: 86%
voila: 10%
msn: 1%
yahoo: 0.4%
and means there's really something wrong with my site and msn and yahoo.

Furthermore, the site is not technical. It's a shopping engine
specialized in health and well-being and personal care, and most of the
site's content consists in product descriptions.

Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

Mommens Francois-Louis wrote:
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We are seeing very similar results viz Google and MSN searches. Even if
MSN has a 9.3% market share it could be that a lot of their searchers
are clicking on the sponsored links which are much more pervasive and
prominent than the actual search results. This would suit MSN as they
make money off these and don't (won't) have to pay out any cash to third
parties through their equivalent of AdSense.

Let's take a random example, I search for the keywords:

Santé & Beauté

On your site is 7th

On MSN your site is 2nd so you would expect more traffic from
MSN Search for those keywords.

However with the very prominent sponsored links your site is effectively
5th on MSN Search - there ain't much you can about that except pay Bill
Gates money and no-one in their right mind wants to do that.

Okay that is just one example but why don't you look through your stats
and see what keywords people use to arrive at your site? Then see how
you rank for those keywords. My bet is that you will rank as well in MSN
Search and that the reason no-one is arriving at your site is that
people don't use MSN Search or don't click on the algorithmic search
results as I claimed already.

To sum up, Microsoft just don't get search, although they may get making
money. MSN Search is just a bunch of keyword related ads with a few
search results as filler.

Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

__/ [davidof] on Tuesday 13 December 2005 19:32 \__

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For  whatever  reason, minmalism has never been Microsoft's game.  Whether
it's  the  bloated interface of their Web-based mail services or even  the
operating  system [1], bandwidth and CPU are no priority. Vista is said to
be a factor that will force many businesses to buy new hardware [2]. Like-
wise,  in  a  world where Microsoft dominate  the  Internet  (hypothetical
statement), dial-up users will be deprives.




Re: very bad ranking in yahoo and MSN

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I am satisfied with my ranking in Yahoo.

       Luigi Donatello Asero

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